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Average Cost Of Replacement Windows

The average cost of replacement windows ranges from $400 to $700 installed per window. We will go through what we consider to be the best replacement windows in this price range, both at the lower end and the upper end.

-- Price Range: $400 to $700 fully installed --

Okna 500 or Insul-Tec Vinyl

Anything from Okna is considered good. Their mid range vinyl window is the Insul-Tec, but is still considered a very good vinyl window. The Insul-Tec could probably be installed without upgrades for $575 if you shop around and there is a distributor in your area. The Okna 500 is on performance par with the Sunrise Restorations or Vanguard - it may actually be a tiny bit better in terms of air infiltration and U-value.

-- Price Range: $575 fully installed --

Sunrise Restorations (Vinyl)

The Restorations is an upgraded vinyl window from their entry level Essentials. While it is basically the same extrusion, they use fiberglasss to reinforce the sash for added strength and durability. It also uses a better screen, a nice locking mechanism and is available in many color and finish options. This window will probably run you $600 to $650 installed.

-- Price Range: $625 fully installed --

Simonton 5500 (Vinyl)

Generally considered a better window than their 5050 and right about in the middle of this price range. Simontons are considered good windows, but for $550 to $600, there are probably better deals on vinyl out there from Okna, Soft-Lite, Gorell (now owned by Soft-Lite) and Sunrise. Some recomendation on the Simontons include the 366 glass, super spacers (still available if you ask) and a sash re-inforcement for those living in hot, dry climates. These will increase the cost but are worth it in the long run.

-- Price Range: $600 fully installed --

Marvin Integrity (Ultrex/Fiberglass)

Integrity was built as a new construction offering, but can now be ordered as a replacement window as well. Their are two options available; either as an all Ultrex or as an exterior Ultrex and wood interior. The Integrity is not offered in as many colors, sizes or with as many features/options as the Marvin Infinity, but it also about $75 per window less. It is generally thought to be slightly less attractive than the Infinity, although for homeowners who want a solid performer in wood that won't break the bank, this is an excellent option.

-- Price Range: $650 fully installed --

Marvin Infinity

The Infinity has an Ultrex fiberglass frame that comes as either a full Ultrex or as an exterior Ultrex with an Everwood interior (this is a wood veneer that looks very similar to wood, without any of the maintenance). The Infinity is a Marvin replacement window, although it is probably available as a full frame replacement given some customization. The Infinity is more expensive than the Integrity and has a thicker frame, some better "bells and whistles", a better finish to the frame and a better warranty (lifetime on everything except the glass, which is 20 years). The performance numbers on the Infinity are good (but not great); U-factor of 0.30. The Infinity is the better window and if you can afford it and don't have to have wood, this is a top-of-the-line window.

-- Price Range: $725 fully installed --

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