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Best Composite Windows

Check out these three selections when it comes to the best composite windows that range in price from $550 to $1050 installed.

Okna Starmark Series

The Starmark is a composite window frame that is a bit thicker than most, although it has pretty nice sitelines. There are installers who feel that the frame's bulkiness takes away from the viewable glass area. When composite frames are discussed by industry insiders and contractors, the Okna Starmark is always mentioned as one of the better high end replacement windows.

Price Range: $750 installed

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Renewal By Andersen Series

Renewal By Andersen windows are made from a Fibrex material (vinyl and reclaimed wood), which is the same composite used to make the Andersen 100 Series window. The window is considered a very nice looking product that is fully customizable and comes with a number of nice features and hardware options. It has a fusion welded frame and comes standard with a stainless steel spacer. Performance wise, the window gets okay numbers; a U-factor of 0.30 and a SHGC of 0.34. Upgrading to the SmartSun glass package will result in the following performance bumps; U-value of 0.24 and an SHGC 0.28.

Price Range: $1050 installed

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Great Lakes EcoSmart Series

The Great Lakes EcoSmart window is a composite frame that is their high end energy efficient line (incidentally it is not listed on the Great Lakes site itself). It uses a one piece welded sloped sill, a non metallic space (I-Core), quality die cast aluminum hardware, quality seals and weatherstripping. Performance wise it is impressive, with a U-factor of 0.26 for the double hung (this drops to 0.15 with the ecoMaxKR glass upgrade) and an air infiltration rate of .06 (there seems to be some disagreement on this number, but this is what we found).

Price Range: $600 installed

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Andersen 100 Series

The Andersen 100 window is a fibrex composite frame, which is a mix of wood sawdust and extruded PVC. It is considered a high end builder grade composite window that was produced to capture the composite frame market and to compete with vinyl windows. It was released in 2010 and sold in the Southwest before slowly being released to other markets. It can be used as a replacement or for new construction (in this case a nailing flange would be attached). The lower sash is slightly wider than the upper sash. Most pros think the 100 Series is a solid performer that looks very good. The issue for lots of contractors is that it is a good window sold at a great window price. It is available in custom sizes and colors.

Price Range: $550 installed

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