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Best Storm Windows

Explore some of the best storm windows that are currently available that range in price from $550 to $1400 installed. Get product analysis and additional cost information.

Viwinco OceanView Series

The OceanView is the storm or impact window from Viwinco. The company used to produce these windows for CertainTeed before their window lines were acquire by MI windows. Viwinco still makes the window, which is similar to the old Bryn Mawr Series and has a 34 STC rating with the laminated glass package.

Price Range: $500 installed

Simonton Impressions 9800 Series

The Impressions 9800 is arguably the best offering from Simonton windows. Many consider it the better looking "twin" to the Prism Platinum. In terms of performance, it is on nearly identical to the 5500, but uses a different dye and therefore looks slightly different. Originally, this window was only sold through a select number of Simonton dealers, but can now be sold be any Simonton distributor. The window runs about $50 more than the Simonton 5500 Prism Platinum. It used to have a plastic center handle on the sash, but now has two metal lift handles. The Impressions Series comes with a better warranty than the Prism or Reflections lines.

Price Range: $550 installed

PGT 2700 & 2800 Series

This is the PGT impact vinyl series that is a pretty heavy duty window and very similar to the PGT WinGuard window. As far as impact ratings go, the PremierVue are not going to be comparable to their 500 series. It is comparable in performance numbers to the Gorell 5400 Series, although Florida contractors might give the PremierVue the nod in terms of looks. The PremierVue has limited distribution so not all distributors sell this model, although most coastal reps probably have access. The PGT 2770 sliding glass door also gets good marks from installers who frequently use this product.

Price Range: $800 installed

Gorell 5400 Series

These storm windows have a DP50 rating and are built to be used for coastal areas that are exposed to strong storms and hurricanes. The 5400 Series has a bulky frame that may not win the award for prettiest window, but it is a beast when it comes to strength and durability. See all of our Gorell window reviews.

Price Range: $850 installed

Loewen StormForce Series

This Loewen window is similar to their Standard wood clad windows, but includes structural upgrades including impact resistant glazing and laminated glass to stand up to storms and hurricanes (one source had the windows at a DP50 rating). Ideal for high end homes on the coast that are subject to severe weather. More on Loewen prices and product costs.

Price Range: $1400 installed

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