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Best Wood Clad Windows

Discover our top picks for the best wood clad windows on the market. The selection vary in price from $525 installed to $1800 per window installed.

Vinylmax Sherwood Series

The Sherwood is the high end vinyl wood interior window from Vinylmax that uses Oak or Poplar species. It is a low end wood window that might work for some homeowners - there are contractors who feel the wood looks like it was simply glued onto the vinyl frame. It has a fairly bulky frame for a wood frame. It is fairly inexpensive for a wood clad window so our advice would be to see the product in person and hopefully in a home before purchasing.

Price Range: $525 installed

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Andersen 400 Series

The 400 Series is also an upgraded vinyl clad wood window from the Andersen 200 Series. It offers betters craftsmanship and is available in more sizes, colors and options. This series is also available in two models; the Woodwright and the Tilt-Wash. The Tilt-Wash uses the same PPG Flexicron finish on the sash, but has a better sill design than the 200 version. The Woodwright uses the same sill and frame that's on the Tilt Wash, but uses their fibrex finish on the sash, considered a much better feature than the PPG Flexicron option. The Woodwright is only available in a limited numbers of colors. Many contractors put the 400 Woodwright at the top of the list of Andersen products. The 400 Series might be comparable to the Marvin Ultimate Series.

Price Range: $800 installed

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Eagle Wood Clad Series

Eagle Windows are actually owned by Andersen windows and their products are sold both on their own site, as well as through Andersen (and referred to as the E-Series). The company specializes in wood clad windows that have aluminum on the exterior and wood on the interior. One of the things that they offer is some 50 exterior frame colors as well as lots of frame finishes, hardware options, grids, screens and glass packages. This is a high end wood clad window that is completely customizable and expensive to boot. They are comparable to the Marvin Ultimate and the Loewen Wood Window. Explore more on Marvin windows prices.

Price Range: $950 installed

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Marvin Ultimate Series

Marvin high end custom wood windows are regarded by many installers as one of the best wood window options on the market. The windows themselves are extremely nice look and homeowners can select from Douglas Fir, Pine, Cherry, Mahogany and White Oak. Each window can be customized and upgraded so the price below could go well above the $1000 mark with some nice upgrades. Compare to the Andersen 400 Series - find out more Andersen windows prices.

Price Range: $900 installed

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Loewen Cyprium Series

The Loewen Cyprium Series is a high end wood clad window with custom sash and frame that comes in the Douglas fir or Mahogany options on the interior. What makes it distinctive is that it is offered in either a copper or bronze cladding, as well as a number of patinas to create an elegant and classy look. The Cyprium Collection is available as casements, awning, specialty shapes and picture windows. This is a high end window and homeowners will be paying for both the window as well as a top contractor or window company to install it.

Price Range: $1800 installed

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