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Best Low Cost Windows: $200 to $400 Installed

Find the best low cost windows ranging in price from $200 to $400 installed per window. These cheap replacement window options are not actually all that cheap; we While low cost windows are often appealing for consumers, they may not be the cheapest long term option; poor construction or installation can significantly reduce the life of the window. However, there are some decent options towards the higher price range in these low cost options.

Best Low Cost Windows

Gorell 5155

Again, this is probably a stretch to get a double hung put in for $350 (probably closer to $400 or $425), but you could come close without upgrading the glass package and sticking with the standard low-e glass. If the installation portion is a simple pocket insert and doesn't involve any capping or additional work, you may be able to just sneak by. This is a very nice window and quality company (Gorell was recently acquired by Soft-Lite, one of the best vinyl window manufacturers around).

Target Price Installed: $375

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Simonton 5050

Simonton makes good solid windows and their entry level window is the 5050. It has thin lines and gets good marks from many installers. To get in at the $350 installed price, you won't be able to do any upgrades on glass or hardware but you will have a solid vinyl window with OK performance numbers and a solid company behind it. In 2012, the company rolled out the Assure, which is supposed to take over for the 5050 so it's unclear how this will affect pricing on this window.

Target Price Installed: $400

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Sunrise Essentials

The essentials is the Sunrise entry level window, although you would probably be hard pressed to get this window in this price range - probably more like $400 with no upgrades (this would be a great price, assuming the installer was reputable). The company is well regarded and makes some of the best vinyl windows on the market.

Target Price Installed: $400

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Okna 400 or Precision Weld

Anything from Okna is a good window, their 400 Series is their very basic window, but is one of the best of the bunch here. You aren't going to realistically be able to get this installed for the $350 - think more like $400, which would be a deal.

Target Price Installed: $400

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