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Top 5 Window Manufacturers

Check out our list of the top five window manufacturers and get recommended models for your home. The list goes from least expensive to the most expensive manufacturer; the first three are primarily vinyl windows and the next two are fiberglass, composite and wood clad windows.


Simonton is generally regarded as a very good mid range vinyl window brand. Most contractors would advise upgrading to their mid range or higher end models, including the reflections 5300, 5500 or the Impressions 7800 series. In addition, they also make an affordable impact window in the Storm Breaker series. They 9800 series can be upgraded with a laminate glass and a sash reinforcement in order to get a hurricane window at an even more affordable than the Storm Breaker. More Simonton windows reviews.


Okna windows may be the one manufacturer on this list that you've never heard of. However, when it comes to high-end vinyl windows, Okna is one of the best in the business. The one downside to Okna is that it may not be available in your area. The company is located in Pennsylvania and has good distribution throughout the region, but very little distribution in the west and south. Their 500 series is one of the best values for the money, it integrates a very strong and well made frame with good components and hardware for excellent energy efficiency. Their premium 800 series, especially with the upgrade to the DX package, makes for one of the most energy-efficient and best looking vinyl windows on the market. Even their entry-level window, the 400 series, is considered a very good affordable replacement window although it may be priced more like other company's range models. More opinions on Okna.


Marvin Windows and Doors is widely regarded as one of the best manufacturers out there by many contractors and homeowners. The company only makes three window lines, the Integrity, the Infinity, and the Ultimate. The first two are fiberglass windows ,while the Ultimate is a wood clad window. The Integrity comes with less options and slightly worse craftsmanship then the Infinity, however, it does come with a real wood interior option. The infinity, on the other hand, is perhaps the best fiberglass window on the market. It has more sizes, options, color selections, however the infinity does not have a real wood interior. What it does have is a wood veneer that many contractors feel is quite nice looking. Their Ultimate wood clad window is a very well-made and quite nice looking wood window that is not inexpensive, but is a good value for the money. More Marvin Window Reviews.


Andersen is one of the most widely known manufacturers out there and they do make a very good product. They're 100 series is a composite window, which may be a little bit overpriced but is a very nice looking window that comes in a number of quite stunning interior and exterior color options. The other very good window they make is the 400 Series, which comes as either a Tilt Turn or Wood Wright. The Wood Wright option is probably the better model and offers good craftsmanship, customability and good value for the price that you will pay. More Reviews Of Andersen.

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