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Aluminum Window Costs

Aluminum window costs range from $275 to $950 installed. These frames are making a comeback in many warmer regions due to their incredible strength and durability, along with advances that make them much better insulators of homes. See how they compare with vinyl windows here.

Basics Of Window Frame Prices

Description: Aluminum windows are less common in the replacement market than other materials. They tend to be more popular in the commercial market by companies like Schuco who focus on larger developments. Having said that, there are many residential aluminum window manufacturers available to homeowners. These are not advisable for colder climates, but are very effective for warmer and even hot climates.

Price: $275 to $950 installed

Windows Themselves: $175 - $600

Aluminum window costs are right in the mid price range of home windows, about on par with fiberglass windows. Newer models are thermally broken, meaning there is space and insulating material between the aluminum. The results is much less heat loss, which has always been a major downside to using this material for your home windows. There are quite a few contractors that like these windows and recommend them to their customers (as long as they are thermall broken and the customer lives in a warm climate).

-- Entry Level Models: $175 - $300 --

-- Mid Range Models: $300 - $450 --

-- High End Models: $450 - $700 --

Installation Cost: $50 to $250

The cost to install replacements averages out to $125 per opening. This is for a normal job that requires removing the stops and sills, leveling and measuring, proerly installing the actual window into the frame, insulating the opening and finally caulking and sealing, along with any minor finish work needed. Inserts are much easier than this and don't involve stops or sills. Full frame replacement means getting down to the rough opening and installing the window with all the required steps and is quite a bit more expensive.

Pocket Or Inserts: $50 - $75 for each opening

Normal: $100 - $150 for each opening

Historic Homes: $175 - $200 for each opening

Full Frame: $175 - $250 for each opening

Entry Level Projects

-- $275 - $450 Fully Installed --

Recommended Manufacturers & Models:

Jeld Wen Aluminum Windows

Mid Range Projects

-- $450 - $700 Fully Installed --

Recommended Manufacturers & Models:

Milgard Aluminum Series

Don Young

High End Projects

-- $700 - $950 Fully Installed --

Recommended Manufacturers & Models:

Loewen StormForce Clad

Sample Customer Pricing

Milgard Aluminum Series 1110 (9)
Size: N/A
Price: $3200
Included both windows and installation.
Project from 2011.

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