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Composite Window Costs | Product Installation Cost

Composite window costs range from $300 to $1,100 installed. Composites are relatively new to the market and there are some industry experts who love the look and performance numbers that the windows offer, while there are others who aren't impressed with the construction and overall viability of these frames. The two most highly visible example is the 100 Series from Andersen and the Starmark from Okna. Read more from consumers and contractors on composite windows reviews.

Basics Of Composite Windows

Composite windows are made from a variety of materials, the specific components are unique to each manufacturer. For instance, Andersen windows makes a fibrex composite that they label the 100 Series, which is made from 40% wood and 60% vinyl. One of the pluses on some of these windows is a more narrow frame, which maximizes glass area and allows them to be a better solution for smaller windows (where bulky frames would not allow as much light to enter).

Product Pricing For Window

Two composite windows that are often discussed are the Andersen 100 Fibrex, which gets mixed reviews from contractors who many feel is an OK performing window that is sold at a premium price. The product that consistently gets high praise is the Starmark, which is made by Okna and is labeled as their 900 series.

Entry Level: $250 - $325

Mid Range: $325 - $550

High End: $550 - $850

Installation Pricing: $50 - $250

A composite frame won't cost more or less to install than a similarly sized window that uses a different material for its frame. As with any project, make sure you hire an installer who has solid references and has lots of experience with the manufacturer and window models you select.

Pockets Or Inserts: $50 to $75 per window

Standard Installation: $100 tp $150 per window

Full Frame Installation: $175 - $250 per window

Entry Level Projects

$300 - $450 Fully Installed

Recommended Manufacturers & Models:

Amsco Renaissance

Mid Range Projects

$450 - $700 Fully Installed

Recommended Manufacturers & Models:

Andersen 100

ProVia Aeris

High End Projects

$700 - $1,110 Fully Installed

Recommended Manufacturers & Models:

Okna Starmark

Renewal By Andersen

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Sample Pricing From Customers

Starmark Double Hungs (Standard Features)
Size: Standard
Price: $850 each
Included contractor install.
Project from 2011.
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Andersen 100 Fibrex Double Hungs
Sizes: 30"W x 60"H
Prices: $650 per opening
Did not include contractor install.
Job completed from 2010.
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Starmark Double Hungs (with SDL and half screens)
Sizes: 36"W x 45"H
Pricing: $750 each
Included contractor install.
Project from 2010.
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Starmark Series Double Hungs, 1 Glass Door And 2 Large Picture Windows
Sizes: Varied
Pricing: $1055 each
Included professional installation.
Job completed from 2010.

Renewal By Andersen Fibrex Casements
Sizes: Standard To Large
Cost: $1,250 each
Included contractor install and staining.
Project from 2008.
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