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Fiberglass Window Costs

Fiberglass window costs range from $300 to $900 per window installed. This is a big range - let's say a good fiberglass unit can be installed for $650 - this would be for a Marvin Infinity with no upgrades and nothing too complicated with the installation. Fiberglass is an excellent option for homeowners who want a window that performs well, likes the look of wood but can't afford a woodclad option and/or doesn't want to deal with have the maintenance issues that go along with wood frames.

Basics Of Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows are typically composite type products, meaning they are mostly fiberglass plus other materials to create a strong and durable frame. They can be made to look remarkable similar to wood, but with much greater strength and insulation properties than wood. Their performance numbers are probably not as good as a high end vinyl window, although there is debate whether they are better in comparison as the years go by (and the vinyl numbers go down).

Price: $300 to $900 installed

Product Prices: $250 to $650 (Window Only)

-- Builder Grade: $250 to $350 --

-- Mid Range: $350 to $500 --

-- Premium: $500 to $650 --

Pricing On Installation: $50 to $250

Simple inserts will run $50 to $75, while full tear outs can go as high as $250 per opening. The only way to really get the cost of installation for your project is to get some bids from local contractors and see how they price it out. Don't just get one bid, make sure you have three or four bids from different companies to make sure the install price is reasonable and in line with the others.

Inserts: $50 to $75 an opening

Standard: $100 to $150 an opening

Replacement On An Historic Home: $175 to $200 an opening

Full Frame / Tear Outs: $175 to $250 an opening

Low End Projects

-- $300 - $425 Fully Installed --

Recommended Manufacturers & Models:

Marvin Integrity

Mid Range Projects

-- $425 - $650 Fully Installed --

Recommended Manufacturers & Models:

Marvin Infinity

High End Projects

-- $650 - $900 Fully Installed --

Recommended Manufacturers & Models:


Sample Customer Pricing

Marvin Infinity
9 Double Hungs With Grids
Sizes: 35"W x 60"H
Pricing: $690 each
This included cost of installation.
Location Michigan
Project bid from 2012.
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Serious 525 Series
10 Double Hung Windows
Sizes: 28"W x 80"H
Prices: $850
Product only. Did not include installation costs.
Project completed in 2011.
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Marvin Integrity
9 Casements (No Upgrades)
Sizes: Standard
Price: $525
This included cost of installation.
Location N/A
Project bid from 2010.
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Pella Impervia
22 Vinyl Double Hungs, 6 Impervia Models
Sizes: 35"W x 41"H (16), 31"W x 49"H (6)
Costs: $750 each
This was for product and install.
Location: Northern New York
Project completed in 2009.
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