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Vinyl Window Costs

Vinyl window costs range from $200 to $750 installed for a standard sized double hung with normal replacement installation. Vinyl makes up over half of the replacement market and roughly a third of all new construction. There are many advantages to this frame material, although affordability certainly tops the list.

Basics Of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are still trying to playdown the bad reputation they once had with many homeowners. The early extrusions did not have the strength and durability that the more contemporary vinyl window now possesses. It should be said, however, that today's low end vinyl windows can still have problems and are probably not the best long term investment for consumers (although they are cheap).

Quality vinyl windows have one disadvantage - they are sort of boring looking. This is especially true when a salesperson comes to your house and shows you the window sample (although fiberglass can also look pretty ho-hum). Once installed, though, they look nice, but not certainly not stop you in your tracks nice. This one downside is countered by plenty of great advantages. They are the most affordable of window frames. Well made models and series will actually offer performance numbers and energy efficiency that tops window and aluminum (there is lots of debate on whether vinyl vs. fiberglass is more energy efficient). They are easy to clean, require little to no maintenance and are very durable.

Pricing On The Windows Themselves

There are huge pricing differences between low end vinyl windows and well made products. See below in our customer examples to some of the better (and low end) windows. We also make our own recommendations on the best windows based on a huge sampling of contractor opinions.

-- Entry Level: $150 - $250 --

-- Mid Range: $250 - $400 --

-- High End: $400 - $525 --

Installation Prices

Installation prices depend much more on the condition of the home and the actual openings than on the frame material. Inserts are placed into the existing opening and the contractor does not have to take it down to the rough opening. Full frame installation begins at the rough opening and requires lots more work, material and attention to detail. Get several bids and compare them to make sure that you are getting the right installation for your home.

Pocket And Inserts: $50 - $90

Standard Level: $100 - $150

Full Frame Install: $175 - $250

Low End Vinyl Windows

-- $200 - $350 Fully Installed --

Recommended Manufacturers & Models:



Jeld Wen

Mid Range Vinyl Windows

-- $350 - $550 Fully Installed --

Recommended Manufacturers & Models:

Milgard Windows Pricing


Great Lakes


High End Vinyl Windows

-- $550 - $750 Fully Installed --

Recommended Manufacturers & Models:




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