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Wood Window Costs

Wood window prices range from $400 to $1200 installed per opening. We will cover general product prices as well as pricing for installation and completely installed totals. See our cost estimator for additional price info.

Price Range: $400 to $1200 installed

Entry Level Wood Window Prices

Expect the above price range to be the most common you see for entry level. Home Depot or Lowes are the typical resources for this level as well as a number of distributors. You will find that the glass package is often one of a double pane on the lower end of the spectrum, also offering a low-e option. You should anticipate a shortage in style choices with the entry level. This includes fixed frame style, sliders or single-hung windows.

-- $350 - $600 Fully Installed --

Options And Recommendations




Mid Range Wood Window Prices

The above lists the average expenses of standard or basic. To find this wood window level, you will need to contact distributors or mid-grade manufacturers. - Check out our reviews on replacement windows and hear the opinions of both customers and industry experts. Expect energy-efficient features like argon, uv coatings or low-glass and krypton fills from the package for glass options. As for the style options, you will find significantly more in this case, like awnings, casements and double hung windows.

-- $600 - $800 Fully Installed --

Options And Recommendations

Pella Architect Series

Marvin Integrity

Andersen 200 Series

High End Wood Window Prices

The pricing for quality, high-end wood windows should be expected to fit in the above price range. Low U and R values are offered with these windows' glass packages, among other features like foam insulation, uv coatings and super spacers (not all, but some). Lifetime warranties will be provided for window parts and installation alike (only available for installations by manufactuer). Warranties also cover high quality equipment and a number of the window types like casement windows, rotating, awnings, turn tilt and several more.

-- $800 - $1200 + Fully Installed --

Options And Recommendations

Andersen 400 Series


Marvin Ultimates

Installation Costs

Window installation pricing typically ranges from $50 - $250 for each window. This amount varies depending on details like the difficulty of the project and the deterioration of the openings and frames being replaced.

Inserts Pricing: $40 - $100
Standard Pricing: $100 - $150
Full Frame Pricing: $175 - $250
Complete Tear Out Pricing: $250 - $550

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