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Soundproof Window Price Estimator

Our soundproof window price estimator offers accurate project cost estimates on soundproofing your windows. There are three main approaches to soundproofing your windows; plugs, inserts and full replacements. The differences between these three methods is huge in terms of approach, difficulty and cost.

-- Price Estimate: $75 to $1,700 installed --

Soundproof Windows

Regardless of the approach you take to soundproof your windows, the goals are the same - to reduce or deaden exterior noise from entering through the window. The most effective way to do this is to create a large space between the two panes of glass in a window unit. Having different glass thicknesses between the two glass panes is another contributing factor, as well as the seals and glazing used on the units.

Soundproofing Plugs

Soundproofing plugs are a completely unique appraoch that does not rely on air space at all. Instead it is a dense foam block that is cut to fit the window opening and is inserted each night to block exterior noise. The thicker the plug, the more effective the noise reduction. Plugs are very cost effective and require no professional installation. However, they are not the best looking option on the market and block all light from entering the window (often this is a plus during the evening). Most homeowners remove the plugs in the morning and thus during the day lose the soundproofing qualities that the plugs provide.

-- Price Estimate: $25 to $75 installed --

Soundproofing Inserts

Inserts are relatively cheap to buy and have installed and can provide some good noise reduction. They are nearly identical to storm windows, which are placed on the outside of existing windows to provide added protection against harsh weather and storms. Soundproof inserts are usually placed on the interior of an existing window and create an additional air space that reduces exterior noise from entering through the window. The downside of inserts is that they might not fit perfectly in the existing window frame, as well as may not change the color of the existing windows. For an insert to work properly, the existing windows must be in okay shape.

-- Price Estimate: $75 to $300 installed --

Full Replacement Windows

Full soundproof replacement windows are big, expensive units that do a very good job of killing outside noise. The air space is usually an inch or an inch and a half bigger than normal replacement windows and the units usually have differing glass thickness to help kill the sound. These replacement windows can be very expensive, such as the Milgard Quietline that can cost $1500 just for the window itself (it is considered the top of the line in terms of soundproof windows). Read all of our Milgard window prices and product analysis.

-- Price Estimate: $900 to $1,700 fully installed --

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