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Affinity Windows Prices

Affinity windows prices range from $425 installed for the Element to $650 for the Elite installed for a standard sized double hung window. Energex windows are made by Affinity and are marketed as a high end vinyl window.

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Element Series

The Element is the entry level window by Affinity and uses the same master frame, design & sash extrusion as the upgraded series but lacks the features and bells and whistles. The window comes standard with a .080 extrusion thickness, foam filled chambers, composite reinforced meeting rails, triple weatherstripping, Super Spaced glazing and Ashland hardware. Generally considered a quality low end window and almost (but not quite) equal in quality and cost to the Okna 400 Series. Read more on Okna windows prices.

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Advantage Series

This is the standard Affinity window, which is regarded by many contractors as an okay vinyl window. It uses one of the lower grade vinyl extrusions from Deceuninck that uses less chambers and therfore is not as strong or durable as their Elite Series. It also does include some of the nicer upgrades. Overall, a decent window and probably comparable to the standard Sunrise. See additional information on Sunrise windows prices.

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Energex Elite by Affinity

The Energex Elite is the premium series from Affinity and a definite step up over the Advantage line. The window uses the high end vinyl extrusion from Deceuninck, widely regarded as a very good quality extruder. The Elite is well designed, regarded as one of the nicer looking vinyl windows on the market and incorporates nice upgrades such as a double lock mechanism, a solid glass package and high end hardware options. The Elite is comparable to the Soft-Lite Imperial LS or the Okna 800 Series.

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Past Affinity Windows Prices

Advantage Series
9 Double Hungs
Sizes: 24"W x 60"H (6), 36"W x 60"H (3)
Price: $477 each ($4,300 total)
Included product and installation.
State: N/A
Bid from 2011.

Elite Series
20 Sliders & Double Hungs
Sizes: Standard
Price: $550 each ($11,000 total)
Included product and installation.
State: N/A
Bid from 2012.

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