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Explore American Craftsman windows prices on their most popular window series and models, including the 9500 Series. American Craftsman is considered a low to mid range window manufacturer that sells most of the products through big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot.

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American Craftsman 9500 Series

The American Craftsman 9500 is the most popular series and is a nice looking window. The performance numbers are pretty average with a DP rating of 45, air infiltration of .12, SHGC of .31 and a U-value of .32. This window is just okay - so homeowners who purchase this window must make sure that the installation is done properly and without shortcuts. The 9500 is similar in cost and quality to an Ultramaxx from Alside. See more Alside windows prices.

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Past American Craftsman Windows Prices

8500 Series
7 Double Hungs
Sizes: Standard
Price: $378 each
Included install from local contractor.
State: Alabama
Project bid from 2009.

8500 Series
10 Double Hungs
Sizes: Varied
Price: $230 each
Window only, no installation
State: Rhode Island
Pricing from 2009.

3000 Series
8 Double-Hungs
Price: $183
Does not include installation.
Location: N/A
Project price from 2011.

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