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Amerimax Windows Prices

Amerimax windows prices are in the mid range of the vinyl market, somewhere in the $400 to $650 range for normal installation on a double hung window. The company generally gets good reviews and seems to be on an upswing in terms of size and reputation. There isn't a ton of information online about this window company, but as they grow we will continue to add to information as we get it. Amerimax offers a good number of exterior frame colors that is great for homeowners who need a vinyl window with exterior colors (some HOAs require this), but the color will also increase the cost on the window 30% to 40%. Read all of our Amerimax windows reviews.

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Masters Grande Series

The Master's Grande Series is quite an interestingly named window that has the following performance numbers for its double hung window. A U-factor of 0.28, an SHGC of 0.30 and VT of 0.56. The window offers even sightlines and is a somewhat plain but nice looking window. Amerimax uses paint to color their frames (not atypical) and offers 10 color choices - color frames come with a 10 year warranty. A good comparison for this window might be the Gorell 5100 Series. See Gorell windows prices here.

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Craftsman Portrait Series

The Craftsman Portrait Series is their upgraded vinyl series that comes standard with double strength glass, a superspacer & triple weatherstripping. Although a somewhat bulky frame, the window does offer even sightlines, which Amerimax vinyl products didn't used to have. Performance wise it offers the following numbers; a U-factor of 0.29 and an SHGC of 0.29. The window (this applies to all three of their vinyl lines that are not painted) carries a 20 year warranty on materials and labor. A good cost/quality comparison for this model might be the HomeGuard HomeStar or the Okna 500 Insul-Tec. View additional HomeGuard windows prices.

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Aristocrat Casement Series

This Series is available as both a casement and an awning window. It has nice lines and a relatively slim frame. It offers good performance numbers - a U-factor of 0.27, SHGC of 0.25, and VT of 0.47. A good cost/quality comparison for this model might be the Sunrise Verde.

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Past Amerimax Windows Prices

Masters Grande Series
Sizes: 58"W x 24"H (2), 24"W x 82"H (2), 58"W x 58"H (1), 34"W x 24"H (1)
Price: $630 each ($5075 total)
Included installation.
State: California
Project bid from 2011.

Craftsman Portrait Series
13 Double Hungs With AG3 Glass Package
Price: $520 each ($6800 total)
Included product and installation.
State: Arizona
Project completed in 2011.

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