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Andersen Windows Costs & Prices

Find Andersen windows costs on their most popular models and brands, including their 100, 200, 400 and A series and models. Andersen is probably the largest (certainly the most well known) window manufacturer in the United States. They manufacture 4 series of windows and own and operate additional companies such as Silverline, American Craftsman and Eagle.

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100 Series

The 100 Series is a fibrex composite frame, which is a mix of wood sawdust and extruded PVC. It is considered a high end builder grade composite window that was produced to capture the composite frame market and to compete with vinyl windows. It was released in 2010 and sold in the Southwest before slowly being released to other markets. It can be used as a replacement or for new construction (in this case a nailing flange would be attached). The lower sash is slightly wider than the upper sash. Most pros think the 100 Series is a solid performer that looks very good. The issue for lots of contractors is that it is a good window sold at a great window price. It is available in custom sizes and colors.

Comparable to the Okna Starmark, although the Starmark is far superior in design and performance (and costs $200 or so more). See Okna windows prices here.

» 100 Series Pricing

200 Series

The 200 series used to be called their "Builders Select" - it is their entry level (a notch above a builder grade) vinyl clad wood window that is available in a limited number of sizes, colors, grids and other options. The window comes in two models - either the NarrowLine or the Tilt-Wash. The Tilt-Wash comes in either a standard or white pine interior and a sandstone or white exterior and uses a PPG Flexicron finish on the sash (instead of cladding). Some contractors feel the sill design can create issues with not water properly draining (unless special flashing is installed). The NarrowLine does not seem to have this same issue according to some contractors. Homeowners should consider the 400 over the 200 Series if they can afford it - the windows open and shut better and have a sturdier feel to them.

Comparable to the Pella Proline Series.

» 200 Series Price

400 Series

The 400 Series is also an upgraded vinyl clad wood window from the 200 Series. It offers betters craftsmanship and is available in more sizes, colors and options. This series is also available in two models; the Woodwright and the Tilt-Wash. The Tilt-Wash uses the same PPG Flexicron finish on the sash, but has a better sill design than the 200 version. The Woodwright uses the same sill and frame that's on the Tilt Wash, but uses their fibrex finish on the sash, considered a much better feature than the PPG Flexicron option. The Woodwright is only available in a limited numbers of colors. Many contractors put the 400 Woodwright at the top of the list of Andersen products.

Comparable to the Marvin Ultimate Series.

» 400 Series Costs

Architectural Series

The Architectural Series is Andersen's premium window that is fully customizable and is available in a large number of colors (13) on the sash trim and frame, sizes (can be order on every 1/4 of an inch) and with lots of options and upgrades. The interior is available in maple, pine and oak. The windows have a fiberglass frame and Fibrex sashes. The window was apparently designed by leading architects and offer high end energy efficiency features. This is a beautiful wood window that is only for those homeowners that have money to burn.

Comparable to the Cyprium Collection from Loewen. See more on Loewen windows prices.

» Architectural Series Cost

Past Customer Project Costs

100 Series
2 Double Hungs
Dimensions: 28"W X 48"H
Cost: $1,800 ($900 each)
Included windows and installation
Location: East coast
2011 Project

400 Series
16 Double Hungs
Dimensions: Standard to Large
Cost: $18,000 ($1,125 each)
Included windows and installation
Location: Northern Virginia
2011 Project

400 Series
11 Double Hungs Hungs With Full Screens
Dimensions: Standard
Cost: $9,900 ($900 each)
Included windows and installation
Location: Massachusetts
2010 Project

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