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Champion Windows Prices

Champion windows prices are fairly high for vinyl windows, think $500 to $800 per window installed. The windows themselves are good quality, but they don't make any contractors top five (or even) top ten vinyl window list - or at least none that we could find. The company installs all of their own windows so on the plus side you know that the installer understands the installation instructions. The downside is a higher than normal price tag associated with the installs. Our take on these windows is this - a good, mid grade vinyl window that sells for a high end replacement window price. However, if you can get the product with a solid glass package at the right price point, this is not a bad choice.

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Champion Window Series

Champion sells their own line of windows, including single and double hungs, sliders, pictures and garden windows. They have only one Series which they refer to as their "best window." Most of their window lines use a double pane Cardinal 366 glass, which is a respectable middle of the road choice. With this glass package, you can expect their performance numbers to come in roughly as follows; U-factor of 0.29, an Air Infiltration of roughly 0.17 and an SHGC of roughly 0.19. in a double pane window. The price will depend on the project specifics and how good a deal you can negotiate. Their windows are about comparable in quality and cost to the Uniframe by Great Lakes. Find out more on Great Lakes windows prices.

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Champion Windows Price Quote

We have 28 windows that all need to be replaced, along with a French door that has a transom window above it. Our bids are the following (rounded to the nearest thousands)

Champion Cost Quote: $45,000

Pella 250 Cost Quote: $29,000

Zen Nirvana Cost Quote: $23,000

Window World 4000 Cost Quote: $21,000

Silvia - Homeowner - from 2021

Champion Windows Prices

21 Double Hungs, 1 Half Round
Size: Varied
Price: $665 per
Included windows and installation (with sill replacement)
State: Alabama
Price quote from 2010.

Champion Window Cost

8 Double Hungs (low-e, half screens)
Dimensions: 38"w x 68"h
Cost: $4650.00.
State: Kentucky
Included windows, installation and exterior trim and sill wrapping.

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