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Loewen Windows Prices

Loewen windows prices are amongst the highest in the industry; expect to pay $1000 for a normal double hung with installation. Loewen gets good marks for their products and are widely regarded as one of the very best manufacturers of wood windows. The company doesn't really make inserts per se - most homeowners that are dropping $1K per window want a full replacement that integrates seamlessly with the opening design and materials.

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Standard Wood Clad Window Series

Loewen offers the following styles in their regular wood clad window; access, awning, bay and bow, casement, double hung, picture, specialty and transom windows. On the interior, homeowners can choose from Douglas Fir or Mahogany wood. On the exterior, Loewen windows comes with an extruded aluminum cladding and a Kynar finish. The company offers a number of exterior finish colors to choose from in either their standard or achitectural color collection. The windows comes standard with a Low-e2 glass package.

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StormForce Collection

Any time a window company puts the world Collection instead of Series you know you are going to pay for the privilege. The window interior is similar to their Standard wood clad windows, but includes structural upgrades including impact resistant glazing and laminated glass to stand up to storms and hurricanes (one source had the windows at a DP50 rating). Ideal for high end homes on the coast that are subject to severe weather.

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Cyprium Collection

The Cyprium Collection is a high end wood clad window with custom sash and frame that comes in the Douglas fir or Mahogany options on the interior. What makes it distinctive is that it is offered in either a copper or bronze cladding, as well as a number of patinas to create an elegant and classy look. The Cyprium Collection is available as casements, awning, specialty shapes and picture windows. This is a high end window and homeowners will be paying for both the window as well as a top contractor or window company to install it.

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