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Milgard Windows Prices

Milgard windows prices range from roughly $375 fully installed for the Styleline all the way up to $1500 for their Quiet Line noise reducing window. Milgard is a very solid window manufacturer that should be considered one of the go-to vinyl window options on the West Coast.

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Styleline Series (Vinyl)

The Styleline has a more modern look to it with a thinner frame for more surface glass and uneven sightlines (important to some people, completely unimportant to others). The window has a slightly elevated locking mechanism and does not include a vent lock, weep hole covers. The thinner frame means less energy efficiency numbers than the Tuscany and this is one of the main reasons why the window is also priced about 10% less than the Tuscany. The Styleline is a good bet for smaller openings or if the price on the Tuscany is just out of your price range. Compare this model to Anlin Monte Verde model.

» Styleline Cost

Tuscany Series (Vinyl)

The Tuscany Series is Milgard's most popular window and runs about 10% more than their Styleline series. It has a classic look and even sightlines, along with a slightly thicker frame and better energy efficiency numbers over the Styleline. It also includes some small upgrades, including a better lock, vent stops, an intercept aluminum spacer, a bit nicer screen and slightly wider spacer. It comes with a lifetime warranty that includes glass breakage. The window has a U value of 0.29 and a SHGC of 0.21, both solid numbers. The Milgard Tuscany with the 3D Max glass package is probably on par with a Simonton 7300 with the Daylight Max. While this window probably won't WOW you when you see it, but it is a solid performer that looks nice.

» Tuscany Pricing

Ultra Series (Fiberglass)

The Ultra is Milgard's fiberglass frame window and often considered a second choice behind the Marvin Infinity or Integrity. (More on Marvin windows prices.) The Ultra lacks the the fantastic look of the Infinity Everwood, which is their wood veneer interior. One positive of the Ultra is a real wood interior option (just as the Integrity is available in the wood interior). The company offers a nice warranty on their products. If the Marvin products are out of your price range and you are married to fiberglass, the Ultra is a decent choice.

» Ultra Prices

Quiet Line Series (Soundproof)

The Milgard Quiet Line is a high end soundproof window that is built and marketed to greatly reduce exterior noise. The window has an STC rating of 46, quite impressive and comparable to a recording studio, which typically has an STC rating in the 50 to 55 range. The Quiet Line series has a bulky frame and high quality features, glazing and seals. Some contractors equate this purchase to buying two windows, which is basically reflected in the price.

» Quiet Line Costs

Customer Project Pricing

Classic Series
10 Sliders, 2 Patio Doors, 1 Picture Window (all with Suncoat Max)
Sizes: Varied, Large Picture Window
Price: $630 average for each
Included both windows and installation.
State: California
Project from 2011.

Classic Series
11 Double Hungs
Sizes: Standard
Prices: $350 each
Included products and installer cost.
State: Arizona
Project completed in 2008.

StyleLine Series
10 Single Hungs (2 Tempered, 1 Arched Window, all Lo-E3, upgrade)
Pricing: $380 each
Included both windows and installation.
State: N/A
Project from 2011.

Tuscany Series
8 Sliders
Sizes: Standard but varied
Cost: $420 each
Included installation.
State: California
Project from 2013.

Tuscany Series
12 Horizontal Sliders, 1 Patio Door
Sizes: 72"W x 48"H (10), 96"W x 60"H (1), 36"W x 36"H (1), 72"H Patio Door.
Cost: $590 each for Lowe-2, $635 for low-e3 glass
Included products and installer cost.
State: California
Project bids from 2009.

Tuscany Series
16 Sliders & Single Hungs
Price: $640 each
Included both windows and installation.
State: Colorado
Project from 2008.

Tuscany Series
18 Double Hung & Awnings
Sizes: Standard, 72" Patio Slider
Pricing: $550 each, $1700 for patio slider
Included products and installer cost.
State: California
Project completed in 2008.

Ultra Series
14 Double Hungs
Size: Standard
Prices: $580 each
Included both windows and installation.
State: Colorado
Project from 2010.

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