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Editor's Monte Verde Windows Reviews

Read Monte Verde Windows reviews, explore product details and get general window costs on this independently labeled replacement vinyl window series.

The question we often get is who makes Monte Verde windows? It's a good question and one worth exploring. Although the name never appears on the website, the model is manufactured by Anlin Windows out of Clovis California. The company has a good reputation on the west coast and manufactures three main vinyl replacement window models (besides the Monte Verde model).

The Monte Verde is essentially an "economy line" that is marketed as a stand alone product in much the same way as the Preservation Windows by Alside. What's interesting though is that the Preservation Window is marketed as a high end vinyl window, while the Monte Verde window is marketed as an economy option.

There are two actual options, the Monte Verde and the Monte Verde BayView model, which is an upgraded and slightly pricier option (see below for ratings and product details.) The base model is not a bad window, although the .32 U-Factor leaves a bit to be desired (.30 and below is a good number for consumers to shoot for, but the .32 is not far off the mark.)

All in all, the Monte Verde Series should be considered a decent economy vinyl window, although consumers should definitely get additional quotes (we'd recommend getting one from Anlin itself) to compare performance numbers and price points.

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Monte Verde Windows Cost

Monte Verde window prices should fall somewhere in the low to mid range of vinyl window pricing, which industry sources and experts put in the general range of $40 to $90 per square foot fully installed. This includes the cost of the window, all materials and the installation cost. We don't like to give exact prices because there are so many factors that come into play when bidding out the project. Some of these factors include the size of the window, the glass package you select, the additional upgrades, as well as the installation requirements.

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Monte Verde Windows Ratings

The Monte Verde window comes standard with the following features; a fairly narrow frame, which means more glass and viewing area, a memory foam spacer, 2x strength glass, multi-chambered frame, 1 cam lock, a double walled glazing tower, interlocking meeting rail, an integrated lift rail, and 2 frame vents.

The window comes in 3 different grid styles and patterns and is available in a horizontal slider, a single hung, a picture window, casement, and several geometric shapes. In terms of window ratings, the horizontal slider with the triple pane glass option, low-e glass and fills gets a U-factor of 0.32 and an SHGC of 0.23. These numbers are just okay for an upgraded triple pane glass.

Monte Verde BayView Windows

The Monte Verde BayView window is a slgihtly upgraded option that includes a narrower frame that will allow for more glass area than the standard model, and a Pro-Latch lock. Even with the more narrow frame, the BayView model should get slightly better energy efficiency numbers over their standard model. The BayView also comes in more exterior frame colors that the company claims improves the energy efficiency (this is an optional upgrade). The BayView windows cost 10% to 20% more for the additional features and upgrades.

Monte Verde Windows Warranty

The Monte Verde windows warranty covers the frame, sash and components for the life of the window. This Limited Lifetime Warranty is transferrable, although the new owner is only covered for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase. This warranty is not quite as strong as the Anlin Window Warranty, which is understandable given the lower price point on the Monte Verde model.

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