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Polybau Windows was a California replacement window company in the East Bay Area (near San Francisco) that went out of business back in 2009. The retail store that they sold their windows out of was called All Brand Windows, which is also out of business. From what we could piece together, there were several name changes after Polybau closed its doors, including World Wide Windows and Pacific Coast Windows.

It is unclear whether these new companies were the same people operating a business under a different name or whether these new companies purchased the assets of Polybau (which is also a common practice, see Serious Windows for a working example). We have one Polybau Window reviews that consumers can check out for additional information on the company.

While the process of bankruptcy happens as in every industry, it is certainly more common in recession years as consumer demand for products and services wanes. The biggest issue for consumers is, of course, who services the window once the company is gone. The answer, unfortunately, is no one. The Polybau Windows warranty disappeared with the company and consumers were left holding the bag (and possibly faulty windows somewhere down the road).

This is one reason that buying from a company with a long track record is so important. However, it is no guarantee - look at the case of Gorell Windows And Doors, which had a long tenure in the industry and more or less a stellar reputation before declaring bankruptcy in 2012. In the case of Gorell, their assets were purchase by Soft-Lite, but the Gorell warranty is essentially null and Soft-Lite is under no obligation to service it.

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