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Preservation Windows Prices

Explore Preservation windows prices, costs, ratings, product details and warranty information. Preservation windows are a vinyl window line that it is marketed as a standalone vinyl window series (in much the same way as Monte Verde Windows are), although Alside Windows is the company that manufactures the Preservation Collection. Pricewise, the Preservation Window is a premium vinyl window, while quality and performance is probably closer to a solid mid range vinyl window.

Nowhere on the Preservation website does the name Alside show up. If you are a cynic, you would say that Alside markets the window as a premium product, but does not put their name on it due to their reputation in the industry as more of a low cost vinyl window manufacture. An optimist probably would contend that the company is simply trying to offer their version of a high-end vinyl window.

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Preservation Windows Cost

Vinyl window prices run from $40 to approximately $90 per square foot fully installed. Preservation window prices will run somewhere in the $65 to $80 per square foot fully installed range. Some industry professionals would claim that the price point charged is not worth the quality of window that consumer well get.

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Preservation Windows Ratings & Features

Some of the features of the Preservation Collection include fusion welding, a beveled exterior frame, warm edged spacer, fiberglass reinforced meeting rail, insulated frame and sash, capture sill, block and tackle balancing system, and a BetterVue screen. On the website, the company talks alot about the testing, but does not include any ratings information such as U-factor, SHGC, AI or VT numbers. We checked on the website and was not able to find any information on either the Preservation or Alside Window ratings.

Are Preservation Windows Worth The Price?

While the website intones that the Preservation windows are some of the best in the industry, many contractors and installers take issue with this notion. In particular, contractors point to the use of a capture still, instead of using a true sloped sill as an example of a less than premium quality window. Instead, contractors and installers might say that the Preservation Window is a mid range vinyl window that is marketed and priced more like a premium vinyl window. The proof should really be in the performance numbers, but again we couldn't find these. Whether they are worth the cost should depend on the price point you are able to negotiate. Make sure to get a few bids to see how the Preservation Collection measures up to some of the other comparable vinyl windows out there.

Preservation Windows Warranty

The website says there is a printed form of the window warranty, but the site only includes a small blurb. The Preservation Collection inlcudes a lifetime limited warranty that is transferrable and includes provisions for glass breakage and non prorated seal failure. When we collect more information on the warranty, we will be sure to post it.

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