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Silverline Windows Prices

Silverline windows prices are at the bottom of the vinyl market and range in price for installed windows from $250 to $350. is a low end vinyl manufacturer owned by Andersen windows and sold at many of the big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes. Their low end windows should be avoided by consumers, but their higher end windows are probably fine. Silverline produces budget windows and they don't claim to be anything but a lower end vinyl manufacturer.

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Silverline Replacement Windows Prices

2900 Series (Vinyl)

The 2900 Series is a single hung window with the low-e2 glass has a U-value of 0.35, SHCG of 0.34 and a VT of .58 and an air infiltration of 0.13

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Silverline 3100 Series (Vinyl)

The 3100 Series are single hungs. For low budget projects, the are an okay option, although for most homeowners we advise you purchase the 9500 series or nothing from Silverline. The window is flimsy and has to be shimmed well not to have issues down the road.

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8500 Series (Vinyl)

The Silverline 8500 Series are double hungs that comes standard with a LoE2 glass and exterior screen.The window has a tilt in sash, dual weatherstripping, the Super Spacer and constant force balancers. From a performance stand point, the window has a U-factor of 0.30 and a DP45.

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8700 Series (Vinyl)

Silverline 8700s are horizontal sliders that get poor marks for design, looks and features.

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9500 Series (Vinyl)

The Silverline 9500 Series is their top of the line vinyl window and is generally considered an okay window. The window comes standard with double strength glass, a 0.85 wall thickness (very thick), and optional upgrades for both argon fills and foam fills in the frame. Forum contractors who know the 9500 highly recommend both (but esepcially the foam fills due to the large spaces in the frame). Homeowners have commented that the screen that comes with the window seems cheaply made. Performance wise, the window (without grids or foam fills) has a U value of 0.31, air infiltration of 0.14 and a DP of 45 (design pressure).

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Sample Pricing From Homeowners

8500 Series
3 Double Hungs
Size: 36" x 60"W
Price: $385 rach ($1163 installed)
Included windows and installation.
Location: California
Project bid from 2012.

8500 Series
7 Double Hungs (w/grids), 1 Sliding Glass Door
Size: Standrd
Price: $3800 total
Included installation.
Location: Colorado
Project bid from 2010.

8700 Series
11 Sliding Windows
Sizes: Varied
Price: $455 each ($5000 total)
Installation included
Location: N/A
Project pricing from 2011.

8500 Series
18 Double Hungs
Sizes: 32"W x 56"H
Cost: $5400 installed
Included installation.
Location: Colorado
Project bid from 2012.

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