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Sunrise Windows Prices

Search Sunrise windows prices from past customers to find cost information on the Essentials, Standard, Verde, Vanguard and Restorations window series. This vinyl window manufacturer is well regarded in the industry and offers a number of vinyl window lines and series to fit many consumer budgets. For additional information, read all of our Sunrise window reviews.

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Feel free to include project quotes and bids and get an expert opinion on which proposal(s) is right for you. Our site editor, and our website in general, is not associated with any window company. Instead, our advise is based on the idea of providing American consumers with the best long term value for your dollar.

Sunrise Essentials Windows

The Sunrise Essentials is their entry level window with a decent glass package that has fair numbers for a budget window. The Essentials uses a different extrusion and sash design than the standard Sunrise, which means it isn't as strong nor as well made (although still an okay option for homeowners on a budget). The window is available in a limited number of colors and only in a double hung, slider and picture window. (Find more on double hung windows prices.) The Essentials is probably fine for smaller openings, but homeowners should consider upgrading to at least the standard Sunrise for larger openings that require a larger window frame. The following numbers may vary a little, but here is what we found for performance numbers on the Essentials: U Value .30, Air Infiltration .10, Visible Transmittance .56.

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Standard Sunrise Windows

The Standard Sunrise model uses an upgraded extrusion from the Essentials, although it lacks the bells and whistles of the models below. It does not have the fiberglass sash reinforcement and uses separate tilt lock buttons on the sash. The window is also offered in a wider array of colors and glass packages than the Essentials. This model is comparable to the Okna 400 or the Soft-Lite Classic. Discover more Okna windows prices.

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Sunrise Verde Windows

For all practical purposes, the Verde is the standard Sunrise plus an additional foam filled chamber in the extrusion, as well as foam wrap around the window and Solar clean glass. The window comes with a solid lifetime warranty that inculdes glass coverage and self cleaning glass. Performance wise, the Verde offers a U-value of 0.28 and an SHGC of 0.21.

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Sunrise Vanguard Windows

In similar fashion to the Verde, the Vanguard is the standard Sunrise frame, along with some added features, including a fibercore reinforced sash and a recessed lever lock. The Vanguard still uses the separate tilt buttons instead of the upgrade on the Restorations.

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Sunrise Restorations Windows

The Restorations is their premium and most expensive window that comes standard with a fibercore reinforced sash (both on the vertical sash and the meeting rail), the Max Edge spacer, a clever tilt sash lock mechanism, foam filled chambers and a high transparency screen. The window has a relatively narrow frame and sash, which gives it quite a nice overall look. It is one of the only vinyl products on the market that many homeowners and installers think looks a lot like a real wood window. The Restorations has a fantastic U-value of .28 and an air infiltration number around .04. A fair number of contractors and installers put this window in the top five vinyl windows on the market.

Sunrise Restorations Quote

Hi, I received quotes from 2 different contractors. The first contactor's quote is for 11 triple pane, double hung windows with grids for $6,842 installed. The windows are Vinylmax Edison.

The second contractor gave 3 quotes for 10 double paned, double hungs (2 kitchen windows in 1st quote would be 1 big window in 2nd quote) with grids. #1 is Sunrise Restorations: $6,905; #2 is Vytex Fortis: $6,496; 3rd is Vytex GeorgeTown: $5,917.

I'm meeting with a 3rd contractor that specializes in Okna Windows on Monday. I'm thinking of scheduling more contractors for estimates because I think the first 2 contractors' quotes are high. What do you think? I'm in Northern Virginia. Thanks.

Gary - Homeowner - January, 2017

Site Editor Tom's Reply

It's nearly impossible for me to tell you if the bid is high or not without seeing the project details. So far, it sounds like it's not based on the closeness in the bids between the first two contractors. I wouldn't imagine the Okna bid will be lower considering that Okna is a top tier vinyl window.

I definitely agree that you can always keep getting bids until you find the one you like. Take your time and get it done right.

Of the bids you have so far, the Sunrise Restorations is the best by far, followed by the Vytex Fortis. The Vinylmax Edison is a decent window, but it can't touch the other two in my opinion.

I'm curious how much wiggle room there is in those bids. If it were me, I'd go back to the Sunrise dealer and tell him that you want to go with him, but that the quote is out of your budget (I always say wife's budget) -- if there was a way he could get it closer to the bid you have on the Fortis model (or the Georgetown if you're feeling ambitious), then you're in business. That should get to his basement price on one of the best windows in the business.

Tom - Site Editor - January, 2017

Past Customer Pricing

Standard Series/Model
18 Double Hungs
Size: Standard
Price: $566 each
Did not include installation cost.
State: Michigan
Project from 2011

Restorations Series
13 Double hung (double pane, w/grids), 3 Basement Hoppers
Size: 31"W x 49"H
Price $465 each, $250 for hopper windows.
State: Southern MA
Price bid from 2011.

Vanguard Series
6 Double Hungs, 1 Slider
Size: 28"W x 58"H (3), 34"W x 46"H (3), 47"W x 35H (1)
Price: $980 each ($6865 total)
Included product and installation.
State: Pennsylvania
Price bid from 2010

Restorations Series
Auto Locks, Colonial Grids, Half Screens (Lots of Upgrades)
Sizes: 33"W x 35"H (2), 45"W x 40"H (6) 22"W x 32"H (1)
Pricing: $755 each
Included both product and all installation (including capping and removal of old windows)
State: Pennsylvania
Project bid from 2010.

Restorations Series
34 Double Hung Or Fixed
Size: N/A
Price: 465 each
Included installation cost.
State: Albany New York
Project bid from 2010.

Restorations Series
13 Double Hungs (inserts), 1/2 Screens
Size: Varied
Price: $1,020 each ($13,271 total)
Included installation and exterior wrapping.
Price bid from 2011.

Restorations Series
11 DH windows (Full Screens)
Size: Standard
Price: $680 each
Included installation.
State: Massachusetss
Project completed in 2010.

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