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Explore ViWinTech window prices and costs on their 1500 vinyl series and much more.

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ViWiNTech 5100 Window Cost

My wife and I are having 12 Windows replaced at our Florida home. We have had 5 bids all from local companies with strong reputations in the Pensacola area. Because of your comments about CWS Windows we are seriously considering a bid on the aria 610 series (single hung) for $7500 which will cover all costs.

We have also received a similar price on Regency Plus Conservation Tech 2000 series 1712 ($7800) double hung, two separate bids on ViWiNTech 5100 series double hung LoE3 for $7800 and $8400. We are looking for your opinions and recommendations on the best windows and if the pricing is in line.

We are ok with single hung Windows which is what we asked on the bid from CWS...they are easier for my wife to reach. We live in single story ranch.

Appreciate your feedback since we are wanting to make decision in next day or two. Thank you so much for your time

Mark - Homeowner - from 2017

Editor's Reply

Mark, I'm not exactly sure what the performance numbers are on the Aria 610, but I have to assume that they are a bit better than the Regency Plus Tech 2000, which aren't necessarily bad -- U-factor 0.30, SHGC 0.29, Condensation Resistance 59, VT 0.45, and Air Leakage 0.2. The AI of .2 is the number that concerns me.

I couldn't find the performance data on the Aria 610, but I have to assume it's a bit better, especially the air infiltration. As well, I would have to assume that the fit and tolerances on the CWS are going to be better than the Regency window.

As far as the ViwinTech, I've never been a big fan of their windows. Plus, they are more expensive than the CWS so that's a no brainer right there.

I'm going to have to recommend the CWS over the other options. I'd see if you could get the CWS rep to come down a bit off his price though.

Tom - Insider Pro - from 2017

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