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Find Vytex windows prices from past customers on their Potomac-HP, Fortis, and Georgetown window series. Vytex manufactures three main vinyl window series. Both the Potomac-HP and the Fortis are considered quite good quality vinyl windows with solid performance numbers and energy efficient features. Their entry level Georgetown model is an okay window vinyl. The company is Maryland based and sells throughout the state and surrounding states using regional reps and dealers.

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Feel free to include project quotes and bids and get an expert opinion on which proposal(s) is right for you. Our site editor, and our website in general, is not associated with any window company. Instead, our advise is based on the idea of providing American consumers with the best long term value for your dollar.

Vytrex Grandview vs. Marvin Infinity

My name is Steve and I am getting a bid on 14 Window Nation triple pane pocket windows with full screens and tempered glass in about half. The cost is $910 installed per window for their high end Imperial LS windows. They also pitched me the Vytex Grandview window, which was $770 per window. I did also get a quote from Marvin windows, but they were $1500 per for their Infinity fiberglass.

Steve - Homeowner - from 2017

Editor's Reply

Steve, the bids sound a bit high to me, although tempered glass typically adds about $100 to the cost of each window, but you indicated it was only half that needed this glass. Window Nation carries good brands like the Soft-Lite Imperial LS and Vytex Grandview, but they aren't usually the cheapest out there.

I would try to get an actual Soft-Lite dealer out there and see what they would charge for the Soft-Lite Classic or Pro model. Again, I like both the bids you have, but not the price tag. I think you need a couple more bids to round out your offerings.

The Marvin Infinity is a good window, but it's not $1500 installed in my opinion.

Tom - Site Editor - from 2017

Vytex Grandview vs. Sunrise Classic

I'm replacing 27 windows; 2 sliders and 25 double hung. Thus far, I have 3 quotes. I was curious what your opinion is on these and which you would buy if it were your own home.

Vytex Grandview Window through Window Nation: $535 per window
Standard Sunrise Window through local dealer: $575 per window
Sunrise Restorations Window through another local dealer: $611 per window

Gerry - Homeowner - January, 2017

Site Editor Tom's Reply

Gerry, all three of these windows are good, but the Sunrise options are probably the better deal(s) in my opinion. The Vytex Grandview is a decent vinyl window, but the Standard Sunrise is a good window and definitely worth the additional $40 per window.

I would be happy to have the Sunrise Standard or Classic option in my home. However, if I would pay the additional $40 to go into the Restorations. This is a great price you are looking at and honestly it's one of the very best vinyl windows around.

Tom - Site Editor - October, 2017

Vytex Fortis Quote

Hi, I received quotes from 2 different contractors. The first contactor's quote is for 11 triple pane, double hung windows with grids for $6,842 installed. The windows are Vinylmax Edison series.

The second contractor gave 3 quotes for 10 double paned, double hungs (2 kitchen windows in 1st quote would be 1 big window in 2nd quote) with grids. #1 is Sunrise Restorations: $6,905; #2 is Vytex Fortis: $6,496; 3rd is Vytex GeorgeTown: $5,917.

I'm meeting with a 3rd contractor that specializes in Okna models on Monday. I'm thinking of scheduling more contractors for estimates because I think the first 2 contractors' quotes are high. What do you think? I'm in Northern Virginia. Thanks.

Gary - Homeowner - January, 2017

Site Editor Tom's Reply

It's nearly impossible for me to tell you if the bid is high or not without seeing the project details. So far, it sounds like it's not based on the closeness in the bids between the first two contractors. I wouldn't imagine the Okna bid will be lower considering that Okna is a top tier vinyl window.

I definitely agree that you can always keep getting bids until you find the one you like. Take your time and get it done right.

Of the bids you have so far, the Sunrise Restorations window is the best by far, followed by the Vytex Fortis. The Vinylmax Edison is a decent window, but it can't touch the other two in my opinion.

I'm curious how much wiggle room there is in those bids. If it were me, I'd go back to the Sunrise dealer and tell him that you want to go with him, but that the quote is out of your budget (I always say wife's budget) -- if there was a way he could get it closer to the bid you have on the Fortis model (or the Georgetown if you're feeling ambitious), then you're in business. That should get to his basement price on one of the best windows in the business.

Tom - Site Editor - January, 2017

Vytex Platinum-hp Windows

Dear Tom, we just bought a 1920s house with 18 windows, almost all original, and in various stages of non-working order. We have used consumer checkbook to identify top-rated installers, but are having trouble evaluating the windows they recommend.
We also asked home depot to put in a bid. Each contractor recommended different windows, and most have not been rated by consumer reports, so we are having difficulty comparing them. This is what we have gotten so far:
Soft-Lite Pro - we didn't get a quote because we didn't like the look, specifically the lift rail
Ideal UltraTite $450 + $65 for lead safe installation = $515
Vytex Platinum-hp $500 + $65 for lead safe installation = $565
Simonton 6100 $695
Simonton 6500 $800
Ideal Platinum - still waiting for a quote

We plan to be in the house 15-20 yrs and would like good, mid grade windows.

Fern- Homeowner - from 2017

Editor's Reply

Fern, I will rank these windows by the overall quality and performance data. Number one on your list is the Vytex Potomac-hp?a high performing window and kind of a fantastic price based on the comparisons you have. Soft-Lite Pro?the pro is a good vinyl window, but obviously you aren't going with this one based on the aesthetics.

The Ideal Platinum is a good vinyl window, not top tier like the Potomac-hp, but decent. The Ideal UltraTite II?a middle of the road vinyl window and not a bad one for the price (not nearly as good as the Potomac-hp). Simonton 6500, a good mid range vinyl window. Simonton 6100 -- just okay in my opinion.

Basically, I would strongly urge you to go with the Vytex Potomac-hp. However, I would use one or more of the bids you have to see if he will come down off that price. Tell him you have a bid on the Soft-Lite Pro window for instance at $520 per window. This is your upper budget of what you wanted to spend and his bid is out of your budget. If he could match the $520 per window price, you'd be willing to sign a work order that day. Then wait and see if he comes back and offers something lower.

Tom - Site Editor - from 2017

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