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American Vision Window Reviews

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American Vision Windows Quote

Hi Tom. Thanks in advance so much for your help.

I live in Los Angeles, on the Westside and just bought a new condo. I'm getting triple pane as it's near a noisy street. There are 6 windows and one sliding glass door. Total of the frame openings is about 150 sq ft. The current windows are single pane, aluminum frame. The installation is pretty straightforward in a stucco building, pop out pop in. I currently live in another unit on the property and the install on the windows I have now was seamless and quick. Since I live west of The Rockies, Soft-lite isn?t an option.

I've gotten three bids so far. One from American Vision Windows, one from American Reliable Windows and one from Lion Windows.

American Vision uses Anlin. Their salesman doesn't like Tuscany, saying they have problems. And there are some complaints I've seen online. But I've also read online that many vinyl window problems are the result of the way they were installed. His windows are also the most expensive, clocking in at around $7750 and $7100. The price was a few hundred bucks more but they came down in price without my asking, saying it's a slow time of year for them. The model names are Del Mar and Mar Vista (which is funny since I live in Mar Vista).

American Reliable offers Milgard Tuscany and PlyGem pro series 200 at $7100 and $6200. Their sales guy said he'd come down 150 bucks since American Vision came down a bit.

Lion Windows salesman was different. Just got the measurements from me over the phone that the other salesman used. He offered Milgard Styleline at $5600. Told me to feel free to come into his store.

Of course, whoever I go with will come out to take more precise measurements and to have their installers see the job before they begin and when they take first part of the payment. They all have a lead time about the same, maybe four or five weeks. None of the sizes are standard except the sliding glass door.

Right now I'm torn between the three most expensive. The Anlin Del Mar has nifty insulation built into the frame of the window and is also the most expensive. The Milgard Tuscany is the high end Milgard from what I can tell. Milgard is also a bigger name than Amlin. And the other Amlin is only a couple hundred more than the Milgard.

The difference in cost isn't that much, especially considering vinyl windows last so long. But I don't want to pay more than I need to if all I'm paying for is hype.

So, what do you think?

Again, thanks so much, in advance.

Andy - Homeowner - from 2018

Editor's Reply

Andy, first off you have some good brands on offer so that's a start. That quote from American Vision seems quite high to me, even with their discount. The Anlin windows are good, but I would put them on par with the Tuscany, which is the less expensive of the bids by far.

I think the Ply Gem Pro is a decent window as well and at $6200, that is a pretty good price. The Styleline isn't a bad window, but I would stick with the other windows in the lot of bids you have.

This is sort of a tough call. Perhaps tell American Vision that if they can give you the Del Mar for $7100, then you will sign with them that day. See if that works; that would be a pretty good deal I think.

Tom - Site Editor - from 2017

Andy's Reply

Thanks Tom. I sent American Vision a note to that affect. I doubt he'll drop to 7 but maybe he'll come half way. I'll let you know. Hey, also, when I didn't hear back from you right away I saw what I thought were two new names on your website and not yours. So I wrote the same question to them with some additional info. Thought I'd copied you. Maybe you just haven't gotten to it yet. Anyway, you could let them know you've already helped me?

Andy - Homeowner - from 2018

Editor's Reply

Andrew, we saw the duplicate email; the holidays are tough for us to get back sometimes with family demands etc. I agree that he might not drop it to 7, but they should drop it, especially at this time of year. They want to keep their crews working through the slow season so you have some nice leverage often times.

Tom - Site Editor - from 2017

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