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Champion Window Reviews

Discover real Champion window reviews and points of view from homeowners and contractors. Also explore Champion windows prices on their models and options.

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Champion or Gilkey

Personally if I had a choice between Champion and Gilkey I would choose Gilkey. Gilkey offers top notch customer service and even though their selection is limited due to there being a smaller company - they are better windows.

2010 - Robert a Homeowner from Ohio

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Compare To Feldco & Crestline

I am currently in the process of replacing windows in my home and it looks like I am going with Crestline, because while the Feldco, Champion and Advanced are really nice windows, they are too pricey for me. Crestlines are also good windows with many features. I just can't bring myself to pay so much for windows.

2010 - Gary - Homeowner

Champions or Sunrise

I feel Champion is overrated and overpriced. Look at the Sunrise in either the Vanguard and Restoration, these are all very good quality. The triple paned regular Sunrise windows offer good value for money enabling you to add features if you want. Just so you know, they also do a really nice patio door.

2010 - Jeffrey - Homeowner

[Contractor Reply]

The Sunrise Essentials are a better window even though the Champion windows are pretty decent. If you can get the Sunrise windows at a similar price as the Champions you are getting a good deal. Get a few more estimates and see what deal you can get, but I would recommend you choose the Sunrise.

2011 - Jeremy - Contractor

Several Good Options

If you are on a tight budget then the Champion can be an ok choice. When choosing a window you need to take note of the total U-value, don't worry about all the other information such as DP ratings and R-Values. Be wary that the Champion 365 doesn't do well in cooler climates. I personally feel Sunrise, Gorell, Softlite and Stanek are a better option than the Champions.

2011 - Bill a Contractor

Customer Complaint

I can't say I am impressed with the Champion windows I had installed last year. The installers were those sent by Champion themselves, I didn't choose my own contractor and they couldn't get the windows to fit which meant using loads of insulation. Now the windows leak air, my energy bill hasn't lowered and the only good thing is that the windows do open and close.

2011 - Justin a Homeowner from Cincinnati

Champion vs PGT

I have had a lot of experience with PGT when I worked in Florida. The ones I worked with was their aluminum window frames, though I believe they have a good vinyl range. I found the Pella Thermastar a little disappointing in terms of warranty, there were just so many exclusions associated with the window. These days I have been working with a lot of Champion windows and I would recommend them to anyone. They come with a fantastic warranty and while a little pricy, around $620 each, they are visually appealing with good performance numbers. The Champions come with a U-Factor of .28 and a SHGC of .19 to 2.1. IF price is a deciding factor then I would recommend the PGT windows.

Andrew - Contractor - from 2010

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Champion vs. Vinylmax & Alliance

We are currently looking to purchase 18 vinyl replacement windows (6 picture, 13 doube hungs) in the Kansas City area and have quotes from 3 companies; Champion windows which will be installed by them for $12,800, Vinlymax Easton windows that will be installed by a local dealer for $6,300, and Alliance windows which will also be installed by a local dealer for $8,100. The installation and warranties will all be the same so the question is whether it's worth it to go with the Champion or one of the considerably cheaper options?

Johnathon - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

Champion makes a good vinyl window - they use good parts and materials and they do all the installs themselves, which both adds to the bottom line, but they seem to know their stuff and I haven't heard many complaints about their work. But they do charge more for what breaks do to a little better window, but not that much higher in quality. Vinylmax is a good company and the Easton is their mid range offering. I don't know enough about Alliance to make a call either way. Do some research on whoever is installing the Vinylmax - if they get solid reviews, I would say go with them for the lower price tag.

Johnathon - Homeowner - from 2011

[Homeowner After Install]

Decided to go with the Vinylmax and the installation went very well. They put them in in a couple of days and did what looked to me like a very thorough job - removal of old windows, install, insulation, caulking etc. The noise levels have reduce remarkably and they don't let in air, and they are just such an improvement over the old builder grade windows that were in there before. We felt like we got decent windows at a very good price.

Johnathon - Homeowner - from 2011

Pricing Information

I wasn't impressed with Champion because of the dealings I had with them when getting prices for windows. They offered me a really high price, well out of the ball park of the other quotes I had received. They then started mentioning special offers and discounts, which brought them down to the same price as everyone else. Do they think I am clueless? I felt insulted that they had to play a game to get to the price, what were they thinking? Even though their windows seem to be good quality and I believe they offer really good customer servicing, this pricing discussion left me with a sour taste in my mouth, so I bought other windows in the end.

2009 - Andrew a Homeowner

Satisfied Customer

I am pretty happy with my recent purchase of five Champion windows. They are durable and even though they were the more expensive option, I think it was a good investment. The installation process was easy and completed on time and I find the windows have strong locks and the ability to partially open them is a great feature. I did think my heating bill would drop, which it didn't which is my only complaint when it comes to these windows.

2009 - Nigel a Homeowner from Idaho

Sly Sales Techniques

After a recent call to Champion to ask some basic questions I was pushed into a home visit. The representative they sent out was professional and spent time going over the choices available & he brought a host of samples with him. The rep gave us a quote after doing all the measurements. We wanted to replace a storm door and fourteen windows, we also decided we would replace a few windows on the second floor depending on how happy we were with the new windows.

Well we started with a quote which was more than I anticipated at around $5,000. Other quotes had come in considerably less. Then the salesperson started offering special offers and discounts being offered. Eventually the quote got down to $1,800 if we decided to do them all and sign today. We were even offered a storm door free of charge and discounts on any windows we needed in the future, all we had to do was sign. The rep kept pushing us, because the contract stated we had a few days where we could still cancel, we signed.

What a mistake because after two days of serious consideration we chose to cancel. The service operator we spoke to spend so much time on his sales pitch offering even more discounts, I had enough and eventually they cancelled the contract. Never again.

2007 - Andy a Homeowner in Kentucky

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