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Comfort Windows Reviews

Explore Comfort windows reviews from homeowners and contractors who have used their window models and products in the past. Find more pricing on with our replacement window cost estimator.

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Looking for Information on Comfort Windows

We are in the process of looking at windows and pricing and I am trying to find out any information on Comfort Windows. I don't seem to find much information on the internet and was wondering if there is anyone that can offer any input. Thank you.

Edgar - Homeowner - 2011

[Contractor Response]

Comfort Windows are a new window being offered by MI Industries. Apparently they are an improvement over the MI Windows we have seen in the past. I am sure you can find worse than these when looking to replace your windows, but there are so many great companies out there with good reputations that you can choose in a similar price bracket.

Paul - Contractor - 2011

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