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HiMark Window Reviews

Check out HiMark window reviews from consumers and installers who know this high end vinyl window manufacturer. Click to discover products and Himark windows cost and pricing.

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HiMark 800 Reviews

I looked at the Winchester Series and I think it's just a big problem. They use a cheap, low grade vinyl frame to save money, and then to keep it from warping like a lot of cheap windows do, they just make it super thick and bulky. In the end it isn't much cheaper than if they just used good material to begin with. I wouldn't waste the time, the Starmark from Okna or the Himark 800 are going to be much better as far as performance and looks.

Mike - Contractor - from 2011

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HiMark or Harvey

I need some advice on estimates I currently needed for twenty one windows complete with caps, grids, etc. The quotes I received are on the Harvey Classic which came in at $550 each, the HiMarks DX400 at $585, the HiMark DX800 at $630 and the Simonton 5500 at $500. This is a lot of money to invest in windows and I want to ensure I make the right choice.

Simon - a Homeowner, 2010

[Contractor Reply]

You have a great selection but personally I would choose the HiMark 800, they are better than the 400 and a quality window over the others you have estimates on. They offer great energy efficiency, the have superior design, quality and appearance. The Simontons are also good and superior over the Harveys. If you're only going to be in your home for a short period choose the Simontons, but for the long haul I would definitely recommend the HiMark 800.

Paul - a Contractor, 2010

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