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Inline Window Reviews

Read Inline window reviews to decide whether this manufacturer makes the product you are interested in and offers the customer service you deserve. Find Inline window prices and costs.

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What are Good Windows for Texas

"I am about to start a window replacement job of thirteen single hung aluminum windows. They are all double paned. I have been using this site to get to know the different windows available along with all the useful information, but there are still a few things I need clarification on before making a final decision. Firstly the windows we want are STC 38+, the windows must be able to withstand the temperatures of Texas, often very, very hot. Which framing material should we choose? We want minimum maintenance but still enjoy the advantage of the sound attenuation. "

Stuart - Contractor - from 2013

[Contractor Response]

"For Texas I would recommend an aluminum frame that is thermally broken - Don Young makes a very reasonably priced one. Vinyl should also do well in your area, but I am not sure how many manufacturers of vinyl windows you will find in Texas. Have a look at the Inline fiberglass windows. "

Robert - Contractor - from 2013

"My wife and I are looking at Inline fiberglass windows but there isn't a ton of information out there on them. I know they are a Canadian company and that they make the Serious fiberglass, but that's it. I'm trying to figure out what I should look for in terms of SHGC for a south facing window - we live in Ontario Canada where it's oviously very cold in the winter."

Tim - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

"Inline makes a great product so you are on the right track. As far as SHGC, the general answer is that you want to allow as much passive heat into the home as possible since you live in a colder climate. Your contractor or the company you are working with should have a more specific number for you since they deal with customers in your climate all the time."

Wayne - Contractor - from 2011

[Second Contractor Response]

"I agree that Inline makes a very solid product if you can find someone who sells the window - in your case, you are close in proximity and obviously don't have that problem. Their fiberglass windows are some of the best out there and the company offers great AI, design, pricing and servicing for their customers or distributors. I'm actually not a fan of Serious windows, but only because they have some unproven technology."

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