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Marvin Infinity Window Reviews

Read Marvin Infinity window reviews from contractors and consumers who have worked and purchased their windows in the past or currently install their products. Find additional information on Marvin window prices.

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Marvin vs Sunrise

When you compare Marvins and Sunrise, the Sunrise definitely wins in energy efficiency. The Marvins air leakage varies, but usually I'd say around 0.20 while the Sunrise is 0.03. A lot of people looking at Marvins don't like the look or feel of vinyl and want wood or a wood look, sometimes they have an older home and they are trying to restore it and avoiding modern materials. If you have to have Marvins, they are decent, but the Sunrise Restorations might be one of the best vinyl windows made, in terms of performance as well as appearance.

Steven - Contractor - from 2011

Marvin In The Dallas Area

If you're looking for a great window, the Marvin Infinity should be on your list. I spent a lot of time looking at different windows and comparing them last fall. There was only one dealer close by that had Marvins, but I didn't like their sales tactics. They first said it would be $1700 each but then they offered a discount to $1300 if we would sign before he left. I don't like being pressured, and we asked him to leave. I was able to find an offer online for the same window, same features, for around $900 each. The dealer I had first talked to wouldn't match it so he lost my business. Keep looking around until you find a dealer and installer you feel comfortable with.

Bill - Contractor - from 2010

Infinity vs Starmarks

I'm trying to decide between Marvin Infinity and Starmarks. I looked at the Infinity in the store, and I really liked it. It looks good and seems to be sturdy and well-made. I thought that I would just get them but then I saw the Starmark energy efficiency ratings. We plan to stay in this house a long time, so I want something that looks good and holds up well, but I'd really like to make a dent in my energy bills. Right now, with the ancient original windows, the bills skyrocket in really hot or cold weather. Does anyone have any input between the two?

Dan - Homeowner - from 2010

[Contractor Response]

Both of those are good windows. The Starmark might perform a little better, but the Marvins have good ratings too and shouldn't be too far off. If you're really looking for a long term investment, though, there are some higher end vinyls that will give you better durability and better energy efficiency. If these are your two options, I think both are great, but if you can afford to spend a little more you might want to consider some premium lines.

Holland - Contractor - from 2010

Marvin Fiberglass vs RBA

I'm getting ready to replace 21 windows in my Connecticut home. I've narrowed down my options to Marvin Infinity and Renewal by Andersen. Andersen costs a bit more, but I like the way it looks more than the Marvins. I want something solid and durable, but I'm not sure which is the better option. Any advice?

Sheldon - Homeowner - from 2010


I think the Infinity is the better product. The warranty and customer services are going to be better, and it's made from better materials. If you want to pay a little extra, get the Everwood interior it looks like real wood on the inside, and you can choose from several grains and different paint and stain options.

Wayne - Contractor - from 2010

High Price Of The Infinity

I got a quote last year on 16 Infinity windows. There is only one dealer here in my part of Colorado, and it was nearly $20k. Yes, I was getting the Everwood option, but for 26 sliders that seems like a lot. It was higher than any other quote, even more than Marvin's other line, Wood-Ultrex. I think they're a nice window, but to me the price was unreasonable. I think there are enough other options that there's no need for that kind of price.

Daniel - Homeowner - from 2009

Milgard vs. Marvin Infinity

As a contractor, I've put in a lot of different brands and lines. Milgard and Marvin Infinity both have a good casement, but the Infinity double hung is better than the Milgard. A few years ago Milgard pulled their double hungs and re-engineered it. After three years, it finally came back out, but it hasn't been around long enough to have a real good idea of performance and durability.

Another problem is the installers. Infinity is actually pretty selective about who they will let install their windows, but Milgard doesn't care. So if you go with Marvins, you'll have a better install, and better support if there is a problem.

Scott - Contractor - from 2009

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