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Marvin Window Reviews

Discover Marvin window reviews from installers, contractors and consumers who have worked with their products and can shed light on the pros and cons of this company. Find pricing with our window price calculator and estimator.

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Marvin vs Loewen Windows

I don't hesitate when selling Loewen and Marvin, I believe them both to be great products even though Loewen is a smaller company. The trick is to find a dealer that can offer all the customer service for you. If I was replacing windows I would get a quote for both of these windows. Just a word or warning, the Loewen windows are a small company and not a known brand, finding replacement parts can be a little trickier. When it comes to the wood, Loewen uses Douglas fir and Marvin uses the lighter Ponderosa Pine, which tends to rot much faster than the fir. Using a vinyl cladding can protect it and make these windows last longer.

James - Window Installer - 2009

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Marvin Infinity Windows Price

Reading through this forum I found that most people state the Marvin Infinity is a good window. So I went through the process and evaluated the Marvin Infinity windows and I can't say I was overly impressed.

There is only one authorized Marvin retailer in DFW. I wasn't at all impressed with their sales tactics or the estimate I was given. It all started with a quote of around $1,700 per window and then they went on to the sign now and we will drop the quote to $1,300 tactic. There are so many variables when comparing quotes. I managed to find the good prices for the Marvin Infinity windows through the internet and what I found on this forum is that I should be paying around $900 for each Marvin window. When I spoke to the contractor and advised him of this he wasn't happy to do the work at that price and to be honest, I wasn't willing to pay the prices they wanted.

Bill - Consumer - 2010

Marvin Windows vs Simonton

I am familiar with the Simonton windows. In fact I have a 9800 sample and the sales representative often pops in to see if I want to send business his way, but I can't get excited about the windows. The Simonton offers good order times, good numbers and yet there are so many other great vinyl windows on the market.

Marvin Infinitys are ones I can get excited about, they are excellent in my opinion. They are visually appealing and well-engineered. The fiberglass is more superior than the vinyl options, besides being stronger fiberglass doesn't contract and expand which you will find when choosing vinyl windows. Yes the Marvin Infinity windows are more expensive, but if you're wondering if it's worth it, think of it in the long run, twenty years down the line you don't want to be replacing your windows again.

Bill - Contractor - 2010

Marvin vs Sunrise Windows

I recently ordered Sunrise Restorations and there is a reason for it. After receiving my quotes on the Marvin and Sunrise windows I had to put the job on hold for a while. Next thing I knew the Marvin dealer was calling me regularly trying to push me into choosing their quote. I started feeling quite uncomfortable about them and after speaking to the Restorations representative I found out he could get me Infinity windows if I really wanted them. He also advised me that he had stopped selling Marvins because they didn't argon fill their windows where we live and therefore we wouldn't be able to get a tax credit. I chose the Restorations because I feel they offer better performance, a much better price and I wasn't pushed into the deal.

Peter - Consumer - 2012

[Contractor Reply]

I have to agree that when you look at energy efficiency Sunrise will beat Marvin, but when it comes to the AI ratings, Marvin has better numbers as .20 over the Sunrise .30. You also need to bear in mind that Marvin is popular with homeowners who are looking for a wood alternative and don't like the look of vinyl. When it comes to vinyl windows the Sunrise Restorations are definitely the best choice.

Steven - Contractor - 2012

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Marvin Integrity vs Marvin Infinity

I am in the process of obtaining quotes to replace our double hung windows and Marvin is my top choice. Right now I am torn between the Infinity and Integrity. Everything I have managed to find on these windows shows that both can be either completely fiberglass or fiberglass outside with wooden inside. I am confused because in my mind they appear to be the same. Is there one that is better than the other? Is there any price difference between the two?

Jim - Homeowner - 2012

[Contractor Reply]

There are differences between the Infinity and Integrity windows. The Infinity is fiberglass with an Everwood interior, which is a wood laminate. The Integrity on the other hand offers a real wood option for the interior. The Infinity is higher end of the market than the Integrity and also offers a thicker ultrex.

Brad - Contractor - 2012

[Contractor Reply]

I think the best thing about choosing a one hundred percent fiberglass window is you have reduced condensation and the risk of peeling or mold is dramatically reduced. Another consideration is that Marvin made small frames with more glass areas, they are great for cleaning. While fiberglass is expensive it's not that much more than the replacement vinyl windows on the higher end of the scale.

John - Contractor - 2012

Marvin Integrity vs Marvin Ultimate

Both Infinity and Integrity windows from Marvin should be slightly more affordable that Ultimate. Though when it comes to performance it doesn't compare to some of the higher end vinyl options. Vinyl windows are a popular choice and these offer high performance that will last for many years to come.

Holland - Contractor - 2012

Quality Control Issues

We have decided to cancel our contract with Renewal By Andersen after I did some research on how they fare her in Minnesota. They have multiple complaints on the Better Business Bureau website and have a B rating on Angie's List. We have had friends who have used them in the past that really like their composite windows, but for the price they want I feel like I could get something better. Of course, now I'm starting this whole process over...any suggestions?

Ben - Homeowner - from 2012

[Installer Response]

The Renewal By Andersen cost is not worth it in my opinion. For the $1000 a hole they want (this is probably on the low end), do yourself a favor and go get the Marvin Ultimate, some of the best looking wood windows out there. Perhaps even better yet, get the Infinity with the Everlast interiors for $700 a pop. Also look at Inline windows, which also does fiberglass and uses an oak veneer that is very nice.

Paul - Contractor - from 2012

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