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Okna Window Reviews

Check out all of our Okna window reviews from both homeowners and contractors alike. Find additional information on their windows, quality customer service and Okna window prices.

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Okna Starmark

When it comes to casement windows you cannot beat the Okna Starmark. I have a number of reasons including the fact that they use superior materials with hardware screws. I cannot mention how many times I have seen casements with loose screws.

The screens offer high visibility and they are held in place with fasteners which look good with the windows. They have three layers of Q-Lon weatherstripping. The best is that the wood finish which is available as an option doesn't rot and you can match it to the other wood in your home. Another advantage of the Starmark is that their casements have tandem rollers located on the sill, so the sash closes with ease. This also prevents sagging in the future.

The multi-point locking hardware is a great choice which uses one latch to secure the window while the grids available offer a fantastic choice for older homes aiming for that historical finish.

Will - Contractor 2013

Okna Model Differences

I live in a twenty six year old home and we desperately need to replace our windows from single to triple panes. I really like Okna but am struggling with the different series they offer. Many of the dealers in my local area said the differences are purely cosmetic. Could you please explain these differences and maybe tell me which is better the Okna 400 or 800 if I am replacing all the windows in my home.

2012 - Paul - Homeowner in Connecticut

[Contractor Reply]

Personally I would go with the 500 series. They are great windows for the price. Yes there are cosmetic differences between the lines, but you also need to look at the ratings, the air infiltration and DP ratings are important to take into consideration. The 400 series isn't a bad window, it's the entry level window offered by Okna, but still superior when it comes to looking at all the other vinyl windows on the market. Be sure you choose the DX models, they have locking screens and foam insulation added to the sashes and frames, making them a great choice.

The 500 series and the 800 series are solid windows. Weatherstripping is one of the differences you will notice. The best is to put the choices next to each other and play with them to find the best one for you.

2012 - Holland - Contractor

Okna 500 or Affinity

Not many people will state that the Affinity is not as good a choice as an Okna, though I really do like the Affinity. Okna 500's have good numbers compared to Affinity windows. With an AI of .02 for the Okna 500, Affinity cannot compare, never mind that the Okna can manage high wind speeds. When it comes to U-Factors the Affinity has a .27, while the Okna has a .25. The Affinity double panes have better U-Factor numbers all the way down to .22 if you use their low-E glass package with hard coat. The problem with this is that hard coat tends to cause unwelcome glares and scratches really easily. The Affinity model offers plastic screens with squared corners while the Okna uses a forty five degree which makes them look stylish.

I would recommend the Okna 800 with their magnetic seals and their sash interlock and reinforcement. Don't get me wrong though Affinity is a good window if you don't want to pay the price for the Okna windows.

2011 - Michael - Contractor

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Okna vs. Revere Windows

I have three bids that includes installed and grids on all of the windows, plus exterior capping. The bid for the Okna 400 window came to $615 per window, the bid on the Okna 500 was $675 per window and the quote on the Berkshire from Revere was $470 per window. Is the Okna worth the extra money? Do these prices sound fair?

Jeannie - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

In my opinion, the Okna is a much better window that anything that Revere makes. It's one of the better windows out there and if you can, I would say stretch for the 500 series (although the 400 is very decent window). As far as the per window price goes, it's too tough to say without seeing the project first hand. Get a few more bids if you are worried and that should tell you if the price is right. On the face of it, it certainly doesn't sound unreasonable.

Baron - Contractor - from 2011

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