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Reliabilt Window Reviews

Read Reliabilt window reviews from our editors, installers and homeowners on many of their most popular models, including the 3201 series and Reliabilt 3900 windows series. Explore Reliabilt windows prices and product reviews here.

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Editors Reliabilt Windows Reviews

Reliabilt windows are sold mainly through the big box stores - Lowes, Home Depot, etc. The actual windows themselves are manufactured by Atrium Windows and then relabeled or "rebadged" with the Reliabilt name. This often confuses consumers (and with good reason), but it's a somewhat common practice in the window industry.

The company offers quite a few different window series and models, all of which have somewhat cryptic numbers like the 3201, 3305 etc. This can get a little tedious and confusing (it seems to us that calling a window the "Energy XT" is way more exciting than the 3205, but maybe that's just our take.) If you are purchasing windows through the big national home improvement stors, Reliabilt is on the the best windows available.

In general, the company makes decent low to mid grade vinyl windows that are affordable for the quality and design. The big question with Reliabilt tends to be the actual installer that you get paired up with. Because the windows are sold through the big box stores, the installer will often be a subcontractor who is paid per window. We recommend getting at least 3 free window bids from local companies in order to properly vet the installer and the products they are pushing. Two Reliabilt window series that we would recommend include the 3201 and the 3900 series.

Reliabilt 3900 Series Reviews

The Reliabilt 3900 Series gets more press than other models due to its inclusion in the 2014 Consumer Reports windows issue where it received an 82 out of 100, which was one of the best vinyl window ratings it gave out. The retail cost of the window is approximately $280 and the average cost of window installation is $100 per opening - that means most consumers would be looking at $350 to $400 for the 3900 series fully installed.

Reliabilt 300 Series Reviews

The Reliabilt 300 series is a vinyl patio door that is sold at Lowes and other large home improvement stores. The door is certainly affordable - it retails for around $330 (not including installation). The quality is just okay, it is nowhere near a top performing patio door, but it will more or less get the job done. Consumer reviews are so so on the 300 series, with homeowners complaining about the quality and ease of the latch or locking mechanism.

Reliabilt 3201 Window Reviews

The Reliabilt 3201 window is an updated 5600 model and is one of their less expensive vinyl windows. The 3201 series comes in either almond or white and includes the fully welded mainframe and fusion welded sash, along with three grid options. The window isn't a great option in terms of good long term value and could probably be compared to the American Craftsman 50 series.

Issues With Installation

I just spend $1,300 on a Reliabilt entry door that comes with a sidelight from Lowes. The price was affordable which made it a good choice. I wish I had listened to the contractor recommendations who suggested I steer clear of Reliabilt and go with Milgard instead. The problems started during installation when the hinge side leg was a different length to the strike side, this left a gap in the molding and that needed to be caulked. At the time I thought it looked good enough though for $1,300 I did expect better quality, so I called Reliabilt and advised them of the problem and they claimed it was my problem as we should have noticed it when we collected the door. I wouldn't recommend Reliabilt because they do not stand by their product in any way.

Stuart, - Homeowner - 2012

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Reliabilt, Ply Gem or Simontons

There are no local lumberyards where I live in California so I intend heading to our local glass business to see the Milgard windows they have on display for my window project. I also intend finding out if they do offer Ply Gem, Reliabilt and Simontons while I am there.

Derrick - Homeowner - 2011

[Contractor Reply]

The Simontons Asure line is new but is much better than the Reliabilt windows. You won't be disappointed with Milgard or Ply Gem which are both a better option over Reliability. These windows all offer good warranties and if you want prices why not ask at Lowes on the Ply Gem ranges, they are often very competitive. When it comes to vinyl windows you wouldn't find them at the lumberyard anyway, you may find them at a siding company if there are any in your area.

Michael - a Window Installer, 2011

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Reliabilt 5600 Vinyl Windows

I am in the process of replacing my vinyl windows and was happy with the consumer reports on the Reliabilt 5600 windows which I could get at Lowes. I have been told these windows are no longer available and the 3201 is the alternative. I would like to know which is the closest match to the 5600 in terms of quality.

Stephanie - Homeowner - 2011

[Contractor Reply]

I would take any consumer reports with a pinch of salt on any boxed windows. Read through this site to find much better quality windows, there are great options available which can offer you superior quality and great warranties whether it's for DIY or installed.

Andy - - Contractor, 2011

Reliabilt Windows from Lowes

My experience with Reliabilt hasn't been the best - three of the twelve windows I purchased had torn screens and bent grids. I also got a patio door where the frame isn't square. I would love to hear anyone else's experiences with Lowes as my windows are already installed and the patio door is just being finished off now. I am wondering in Lowes stand behind the products they sell and if anyone will come to see and fix the problem I am having.

Belinda - Homeowner - 2010

Complaint On Reliabilt Windows

My double construction grade window in my bedroom needed replacing so I chose the Reliabilt 3200 with low-e glass package and argon fill. I was so happy when it was installed it really filtered the heat, but now that we are in winter the window isn't doing what it is meant to, in fact the whistling noise it makes keeps us awake at night. The insulation is horrific and you can feel the cold air coming through. It's been three weeks of trying to get an agent from Lowes to come and have a look without any success. My next step is to video tape it and place it on YouTube. I am wondering if I should demand a refund and put that towards a new window as desperate times demand desperate measures.

John - Homeowner - 2010

Reliabilt Survivor 7100 Review

I spend a lot of time researching window companies and chose the Reliabilt Survivor 7100 windows. I ordered them last weekend for my entire house because the Reliabilt 5600 were compared the best vinyl windows on the consumer reports. When compared to Pella Thermastar for example, Pella had a forty four rating and Reliabilt had a seventy three. I think the consumer reports are a great place to find the information you need.

Caroline - Homeowner - 2008

[Contractor Reply]

I wouldn't reply on the consumer reports for window replacements, they can be misleading. Often consumer report only tests the products you can purchase in retail store and with over one thousand great windows available on the market, this doesn't leave you much choice.

2008 - Dan - Contractor

Atrium Reliabilt Connection

I have never had problems with the Atrium / Reliabilt products which are manufactured in their NC plant. The quality has always been good, the customer service is excellent and delivery has always been on time. While their glass options are limited, they are more than enough here in the south east. I am not sure if they do qualify for tax credit which you may want to find out about if you are thinking of using these windows, but for a middle line window they are good quality at an affordable price.

Graham - a Window Installer, 2007

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