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Simonton Window Reviews

Read Simonton window reviews from contractor and homeowners who have used their windows in the past and can provide incite into their pricing, quality, warranty info and much more. Find Simonton window prices here.

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Simonton 5500 vs Ply Gem Pro

I gathered that the Simonton 5500 is a better product than the Ply Gem Pro Series. I think Simonton also has better warranty than Ply Gem?

Tracy - 2016

Editor's Reply

Yes, I would put the Simonton 5500 over the Ply Gem Pro Series. And yes the Simonton warranty is better than the Ply Gem -- but honestly I don't put a ton of stock in the warranties. Most window issues happen ten years down the road and although the company may issue you a new window you still have to pay to have the window taken out and replaced -- which can account for a lot of the cost. The warranty (at least for me) is more an indication of what the company thinks of their own window.

Tommy - Site Editor- - 2016

Simonton Compared To Great Lakes

I don't really know that much about Great Lakes, except their prices are competitive and they look great. Simonton windows have glowing reports but they are expensive and Alside Sheffield windows are cheap and there is probably a reason for that.

2009 - Gary a Homeowner from Colorado

[Contractor Reply]

You're right on the money there, Simonton and Great Lakes are good windows, Great Lakes also has a great customer service team so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either of these. Alside is a window to stay clear of unless you are working with a very limited budget.

2009 - David a Contractor

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Simonton v Vista

I was wondering if the Vista windows are worth the money. I know they're made by Simonton, the only thing is they don't have the Simonton branding.

Lorna - Homeowner - 2011

[Contractor Response]

You have misread your information, Vista isn't Simonton. They are in alliance with each other though. Vista is based in three locations throughout the US, Oklahoma, Georgia and Ohio. I have done extensive research on these windows and have found they offer excellent quality for the price and I would say they are worth it.

Damian - Contractor - 2011

Simonton v Wincore

I can't really say if Wincore is as good as Simonton. When they first came out they showed us some of their windows and I thought they were very similar to the older lines, but I haven't seen Wincore in a while now.

2009 - Sean - Contractor

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The Ford Of Replacements

Simonton is like the Ford of replacement windows, they aren't the flashiest things on the market but they certainly get the job done. They are well priced out and I think offer good value for the money (as long as you get a good price). I really don't think the price point offered when they are sold through Sears is good, I think they tend to be overpriced then. I would also recommend that consumers go with one of their better models, the Reflections 5300 Model or better.

2011 - Steven a Contractor

Simonton vs. American Craftsman

If anyone ever tells you that American Craftsman windows are anything but a cheaply made product, then don't trust them. These are made with cheap material and barely meet the minimum standards for approval. Consumer Report ratings has good things to say, but its baseless. They don't review quality products and practically glance at bargain brands to get their options. I prefer something like the Simonton 6500 window over the American Craftsman. Just make sure you hire someone else besides Home Depot for the job, because they do a lousy job with the install.

Fred - Installer in NJ - 2012

Simonton vs Vinylmax

I am in the situation where we need to replace thirty six windows on a limited budget. We are removing the Masonite and finishing it with siding. Our contractor suggested Vinylmax Easton and Simonton 5050 windows. The quotes are coming in around $11,000, but I need to know if either of these windows are worth considering. My main criteria is the window needs to be decent quality.

2013 - Sienna a homeowner

[Contractor Reply]

I think the Vinylmax Easton is a better quality window to the Simonton 5050. The only problem is the Vinylmax comes with less options. That being said they have a triple pane which dramatically improves performances over the double panes by about forty percent. Vinylmax is a family business and are growing constantly. They only do replacement windows and concentrate on that to offer you quality. Recently I put a Hyde Park window into a family member's property and it is great. They offer great R-values and low air infiltration numbers.

2013 - Max a contractor

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