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Stanek Window Reviews

Read Stanek window reviews from homeowners and contractors who have worked with their products in the past.

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Stanek or Gorell

I have received numerous quotes for double hung windows in my home. After ready reviews and taking each quote into consideration I have chosen the Stanek and Gorell Timeless windows. Does anyone have any views on which I should choose for double hungs?

2010 - Tammy a Homeowner

[Contractor Reply]

"The Staneks are good windows but would not be my first choice. Stanek are lacking in quality control as they don't manufacture their own parts. Gorell on the other hand are great windows and I really like the Timeless line. They also offer good features and glass package options. Just a note - Gorell manufactures their own parts. Certainly the Gorell pricing is going to be more than the Staneks but worth every penny in my opinion

2010 - Henry a Contractor

Stanek vs Other Models & Options

If you are on a tight budget then the Champion can be an ok choice. When choosing a window you need to take note of the total U-value, don't worry about all the other information such as DP ratings and R-Values. Be wary that the Champion 365 doesn't do well in cooler climates. I personally feel Sunrise, Gorell, Softlite and Stanek are a better option than the Champions.

2011 - Bill a Contractor

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