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Vinylmax Window Reviews

Read Vinylmax window reviews from consumers and contractors who know their windows and their customer service. Click here to check Vinylmax window prices.

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Decent Window

I find the Vinylmax replacement windows have good performance numbers that can improve energy efficiency. While there are better window options available, I always suggest get your AI and U-Factor numbers and use that to compare and choose the right windows for your project.

Daniel - Installer - from 2013

Vinylmax vs Simonton

We need to replace thirty six windows on a limited budget. We are removing the Masonite and finishing it with siding. Our contractor suggested Vinylmax Easton and Simonton 5050 windows - both vinyl frames. The quotes are coming in around $11,000, but I need to know if either of these windows are worth considering. My main criteria is the window needs to be decent quality.

Sienna - Homeowner - 2012

[Contractor Reply]

I would say the Vinylmax Easton is a better quality window to the Simonton 5050. The only problemwith the Vinylmax comes with less options. That being said they have a triple pane which dramatically improves performances over the double panes by about forty percent. Vinylmax is a family business and are growing constantly. They only do replacement windows and concentrate on that to offer you quality. Recently I put a Hyde Park window into a family member's property and it is great. They offer great R-values and low air infiltration numbers.

Max - Contractor - from 2012

Vinylmax vs. Champion

We are currently looking to purchase 18 vinyl replacement windows (6 picture, 13 doube hungs) in the Kansas City area and have quotes from 3 companies; Champion windows which will be installed by them for $12,800, Vinlymax Easton windows that will be installed by a local dealer for $6,300, and Alliance windows which will also be installed by a local dealer for $8,100. The installation and warranties will all be the same so the question is whether it's worth it to go with the Champion or one of the considerably cheaper options?

Johnathon - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

Champion makes good windows - they use good parts and materials and they do all the installs themselves, which both adds to the bottom line, but they seem to know their stuff and I haven't heard many complaints about their work. But they do charge more for what breaks do to a little better window, but not that much higher in quality. Vinylmax is a good company and the Easton is their mid range offering. I don't know enough about Alliance to make a call either way. Do some research on whoever is installing the Vinylmax - if they get solid reviews, I would say go with them for the lower price tag.

Johnathon - Homeowner - from 2011

[Homeowner After Install]

Decided to go with the Vinylmax and the installation went very well. They put them in in a couple of days and did what looked to me like a very thorough job - removal of old windows, install, insulation, caulking etc. The noise levels have reduce remarkably and they don't let in air, and they are just such an improvement over the old builder grade windows that were in there before. We felt like we got decent windows at a very good price.

Johnathon - Homeowner - from 2011

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