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Wincore Window Reviews

Read Wincore window reviews written by industry professionals and homeowners who have experience with this company to help you determine if they are right for your project. For pricing, use our replacement window cost estimator.

Wincore or Simonton

I can't really say if Wincore is as good as Simonton. When they first came out they gave us some of their windows and I thought they were very similar to the older lines, but I haven't seen them in a while now.

2009 - Sean a Contractor

Wincore from Sears

I am trying to find out from anyone who has experience with Wincore windows and if you are happy with them whether you got them at Sears or through another installer.

2011 - Nigel a Homeowner

[Contractor Reply]

Sears is a company that is reputable, which is why so many people feel comfortable using them. You will probably get a good install done by them, it will be more than adequate though it may not be the best. Find out from local contractors on their installation prices you may find you'll be charged less for installation but have a better job done. I would also suggest you shop around, Simonton and Okna are better than Wincore. Don't get me wrong, Wincore is a good window but you can get better at a more affordable price if you take the time to shop around.

2011 - Jason a Contractor

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[Second Contractor Reply]

Watch out because Sears tends to be a little expensive on their windows and they are known for their higher prices. Wincore on the other hand are good windows and I have installed them for numerous clients and never had any problems or problems with the warranty. The other names which were suggested are probably also available in your area and it is worth having a look at them before you make your decision.

2011 - Edgar a Contractor

General Question

How do Wincore windows compare to Simonton? Does anyone have experience with these? I would appreciate any opinions before I make my decision.

2012 - Chad a Homeowner

[Contractor Reply]

Based on personal experience, I would say these two are very similar, they are built and designed by the same people, so they are almost identical. Both offer good solid designs and performance. I don't think you can go wrong with Wincore, but Simonton do have newer lines available which are more visually appealing which you may want to look at before making your final choice.

2012 - Eric a Contractor

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Simonton or Wincore

I just spend some time with a salesman who came to show me the Wincore windows. I had a look at the 5400 and 7700 series, the 7700 was about twenty percent more expensive. The 7700 has a wider frame and more space between the panes of glass. How will this affect the performance? One thing I did notice was the 5400 double hungs only had one vent latch while the 7700 has one on either side.

2012 - Bill a Homeowner

Vytex or Wincore

I really like the Vytex windows and feel they are a better choice than the Wincore, which can't be considered a bad window either. I wouldn't recommend any windows where price is based on the dealers company rather than the quality of the window. Quality and service are so important when buying windows and you don't want to end up dealing with a sales orientated business which won't stand behind their product. Watch out for the "buy today" sales talk in order to get your order.

2012 - Simon a Contractor

Tough Choice

I am in the process of replacing windows in my home but it's such a tough choice with so many options. There are Pella, Simonton, NT Window, Anderson, Wincore, Champion, Silverline, Comfort World, HomeCraftsman, Lincoln, Builders Fir Choice, Champion and Jeldwen. I haven't heard good reviews on Andersen but without spending too much money I want quality windows and really don't know which ones I should be considering and which should be scratched off my list.

2012 - Terry a Homeowner from Texas

[Contractor Reply]

There are only a handful of windows you should be considering and that I would recommend in the Texas area. Simonton and NT Window are both really good for your area. I don't know Wincore and the rest of the windows you mentioned don't offer good quality windows. Where you are located will also play an important role in your decision on whether you need impact windows or not. Look at Gorell or Simonton if you are looking for good impact windows.

Jeremy - a Contractor, 2012

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