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Wood Clad Window Reviews

Explore wood clad window reviews and find out which brands, models and options are recommended by homeowners, contractors and industry insiders.

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We are so limited in finding windows for a historical restoration in Cleveland. The materials and design choices have to be authentic, making it really difficult to find quality windows. The problem is that most manufacturers are making vinyl and we are allowed to use aluminum windows, we are not allowed fiberglass, glazing or low-E glass. As you can imagine we are pretty stuck for choice. Then we found Hurd that makes wood-clad aluminum windows that meet all the requirements.

Edgar - Contractor - 2010

Andersen 400 or Woodwright

When it came to installing windows in my home I did extensive research into the Andersen Woodwright and 400 series. These windows both offer the safe features and quality, the only difference is the price with the Woodwright being a more affordable option, which helped me decide which was best for my home. The comparisons between the two - the Andersen 400 was available in a full frame or built to fit frame, they have a difficult tilt, but at the same time are visually appealing. The Woodwrights on the other hand were visually appealing, have a tilt wash feature, are more expensive, but are available as an insert or replacement window.

Andrew - Homeowner - 2009

Marvin And Loewen

I don't hesitate when selling Loewen windows and Marvin, I believe them both to be great products even though Loewen is a smaller company. The trick is to find a dealer that can offer all the customer service for you. If I was replacing windows I would got a quote for each of these windows. Just a word or warning, Loewen is a small company and not a known brand, finding replacement parts can be a little trickier. When it comes to the wood, Loewen uses Douglas fir and Marvin uses the lighter Ponderosa Pine, which tends to rot much faster than the fir. Using a vinyl cladding can protect it and make these windows last longer.

James - Installer - 2009 See more Marvin window reviews.

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