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Impact Windows

Hurricane or impact windows are strong, well-made replacement units that can stand up to the forces of a storm or other extreme weather. They tend to be more expensive than other replacement windows, however there are some affordable impact window options that we will explore.

Impact Window Basics

Impact windows go through a rigorous testing and certification process in order to get the designation of a hurricane window. In order to be considered an impact window, the replacement unit must have a design pressure rating of at least 45. Typically, these windows use some form of laminate glass, which is much stronger than your typical clear or low E window glass. In addition, the windows will use extremely strong seals, glazing, corner welds, hardware, and spacer systems in order to achieve a sturdy well-built replacement window.

Impact Window Costs

Most hurricane or impact windows will run from $500-$1500 plus fully installed. The most affordable options are actually windows that have some upgrades but are not officially designated hurricane windows. The most expensive impact windows are certified hurricane windows that use a wood interior great craftsmanship and beautiful design. Explore more hurricane window costs.

-- Price Range: $500 - $1,500 + fully installed --

Recommended Manufacturers

Two examples of affordable hurricane windows include the Simonton 9800 Series with the laminate upgrade and the Stanek Ultra Extreme. Two mid range hurricane options include the PGT 400 series and the Simonton Storm Breaker Series. To premium options include the Loewen StormForce Collection and the PGT Wingard Series.

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