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Single Hung Window Costs

Single hung window costs range from $200 - $750 installed. This includes both the cost of the window as well as the price of installation. Typically, these prices are around $50 less than double hungs. While there used to be a much larger gap in price between these products, it has closed significantly in recent years with advances in energy efficient options and overall performance.

Price Range: $200 to $750 installed

Entry Level Pricing

Homeowners can expect entry or low cost windows to run anywhere from $100 - $200 for the window itself. Expect a product at this point price price point to be a lower grade vinyl frame with limited color options and plastic hardware.

Mid Grade Pricing

Homeowners can expect midgrade single hung window prices to range from $200 - $300 for the window itself. They will often still be a vinyl frame although at this price point you can also expect a lower end aluminum, fiberglass or some sort of composite frame material. There will often be a greater number of color options, better hardware, and a solid glass package with argon fills in the low-E glass.

Premium Pricing

Premium single hung window prices will range from $300 - $500 for the window itself. Most of the products in this price point will be either a wood clad or aluminum clad window. Vinyl frames will typically not be this expensive although top manufacturers such as Okna, Sunrise and Soft-Lite can be priced at this level for their premium series.

Installation Cost: $50 - $250

The cost on installation will run from $50-$250 per opening. Expect simple inserts to cost somewhere at the lower end of this price range, while more complex projects that require work to the sill and/or frame will run at the higher end of this cost spectrum.

Total Project Pricing

Entry Level

Entry-level pricing will range from $200 - $275 for both the window in the installation cost. This price point is not recommended for most homeowners and should be reserved mainly for people who are flipping houses or renting out their house.

Mid Range

Midrange pricing will be from $275 - $450. This price point is optimal for most homeowners because you should be getting a quality window with fairly good installation that should last 20 to 25 years with proper maintenance.

High End

High end pricing will range from $450 - $750. These would most likely be wood clad windows with high-quality installation should last 30 to 35 years and will look great but obviously cost much more than the midgrade or the entry-level windows.

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