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Triple Pane Window Costs

Triple pane window costs are typically $25 to $75 more per window over your standard double pane window. Triple pane windows cost more and provide better insulation and a sound barrier, but are they really worth it?

Basics Behind Triple Pane Windows

Triple pane windows have three panes of glass as part of the IGU (insulated glass unit), as opposed to two panes of glass that is standard in the industry. Three panes of glass helps reduce the amount of heat or cold that is transferred between the panes. The result is a more energy efficient window. As well, a triple pane window should block out more sound because there are two "dead spaces" between the three panes instead of just one with a dual pane window.

There are two basic approaches to triple pane windows; one is very similar to a double pane window width where a third glass pane is essentially dropped in between them. This maintains the window depth, but provides a third layer of glass. In the other approach, the IGU is deeper and it's as if the manufacturer added another section to the IGU, making a deeper and bulkier window, but one that is more effective.

Comparing Apples To Apples

The problem with upgrading to a triple pane window is making sure you are comparing the same windows. For instance, if you purchase a well made double pane window with low-e glass you will be getting a more energy efficient window than a triple pane window with clear glass. The only reason to go with a triple pane is if you purchase the low-e glass on all three panes and make sure that the window uses a good spacer system and argon or krypton fills. This will make for a very energy efficient window.

The Downside To Triple Pane

Besides the increase in cost, triple pane windows have another real downside. There are more "things" that can fail -- two spacers, two fills, three panes that are more expensive to repair or replace. Truthfully, most homeowners should be fine with a well made double pane window that uses a low-e glass, a good spacer and an argon fill. However, if the cost is right and the IGU is good, then triple pane may be the way to go.

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