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Replacement Window Advice

Here are five pieces of replacement window advice that can go a long way to making the right decision when it comes to replacing your home windows.

Get Some Estimates On Your Project

Start out and just get some estimates on your project because even though our site can tell you what you should pay and give you target price etc., nobody really understands the specifics of your project. Every project has 20 unique factors that can change the bid price and until you have three bids sitting in front of you to compare, you won't really know what you're looking at. (Getting estimates from this site als helps support the administration costs of running this website, which we put lots of time and effort into.)

Don't Sign Anything (Just Yet)

Now you have your bids. At this point you should not have signed anything. Window companies that do the full court press when it comes to sales tactic (i.e. sign on the dotted line today and we'll knock off 20% - but only if you do it today) should be avoided. You probably wouldn't buy a car like this and you shouldn't do it with your windows either. Instead, you want to get all of your basic project pricing and then go to a forum like and open up a ticket and ask the pros/contractors for some input. Include all of the essentials from the bids; the number of windows you are replacing, the quotes from the different window contractors, all the sizes, material, upgrades that the bid includes.

Confirm That The Prices & Details Make Sense

Forums like this are great if you already have the bids because you can show them specific details and double check that the prices are in the acceptable range and the model or series you are considering is a quality product. With a little back and forth you will know whether you can proceed with the bids you have or whether you should get more bids and continue your search. Even if it's this second option, you are now armed with a lot more knowledge that will help you make a good choice.

Due Diligence On The Installer

Good installation is half the battle. We recommend checking their replacement windows reviews on for the company(ies) you are considering. Yelp is nice because they are unbiased and provide a a good solid baseline for the quality of the company. Check the for any complaints filed and make sure to ask for 3 referrals from past clients to double check how the work has held up. Avoid companies that hire subcontractors and pay them by the window (this is a recipe for cutting corners). We prefer companies that have tried and trusted installers who are paid a good hourly rate. Also, we like credible contractors who are part of a trade organization or are certified installers for a partiicular brand. Independent contractors or installers are certainly acceptable, but only if they have a good track record and reputation in the community.

Take A Couple Of Days & Then Decide

Take a couple of days to make your decision. This allows you to take the emotion out of the decision and to select the best company with the best prices. Follow these five steps and you are pretty much assured of making a good decision for your home windows.

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