Home Window Replacement Cost | Discover Replacement Window Pricing

Home Window Replacement Cost | Discover Replacement Window Pricing

Home Window Replacement Cost

Home window replacement cost starts around $200 installed, although most buyers should be wary of these too-good-to-be-true prices. So too should they be cautious about selecting home window replacement cost in excess of $1000 per window (for standard sized double hungs with a relatively straight forward install). What most homeowners should be aiming for is a very solid performing window that is installed by a reputable contractor who doesn't take shortcuts.

A high quality double hung vinyl window will run somewhere between $350 to $700 installed. We will break down the best replacement windows by the best manufacturers and what you can do to insure that you get excellent installation within this price range.

Basics Of Home Window Replacement Cost

Replacement windows are not a commodity, their prices aren't set by global demand. Contractors are free to bid out a project anyway they see fit, which isn't always the best deal for the consumer (although it can work to your advantage). Contractors may have large overhead that forces them to charge the consumer a higher price than say a newer company with lower overhead.

That's why comparing price quotes is so important. And free, which means no risk. We do our best to provide you with the most accurate pricing information out there, but until several reputable contractors come out and bid out your project, you won't

Our Mission

Our job is to help homeowners find great windows and get great installation, we have no affiliation with any window company or contractor. We do this by scouring the many forums and talking with top industry experts in order to find the best consumer home window replacement cost information. We've collected it all here for you. Click for more replacement window advice.

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One article we absolutely recommend is our 5 Steps To Finding Great Windows And Contractors. It might be the only article you need to read before jumping into your project (at least according to our staff writer.)

Low End: $200 to $350 Installed

Entry level, builder grade, construction grade are all terms that refer to lower priced home windows. They are low priced typically because they are a lower grade product. Most entry level products go hand in hand with lower quality installation. Having said this, here are some decent options at the upper end of this price range. However, we always recommend that homeowners try to get into the mid range price options because this is the best long term value for your buck.

Click for the best low cost windows.

Mid Range: $400 to $700 Installed

Mid range or standard pricing refers to the normal price range of most home window replacement cost. This typically means a high quality vinyl, fiberglass composite or low end wood clad window. The best bet for most homeowners is one of the first two options due to the better performance numbers of vinyl and fiberglass and lack of maintenance needed with these two. Installation should be (needs to be) very good in this range and involve a licensed contractor who has installed the exact window many times and one who doesn't take short cuts that will help his bottom line, but leave you out in the cold.

Click for the best average priced replacment windows.

High End: $750 to $1000 Installed

Premium, high end or high cost options start around $750 and actually go well past the $1000 per window price. For instance, the Architectural Series from Andersen goes for $2300 before you ever discuss the cost of installation. Most windows in this range are either highly upgraded fiberglass or aluminum or wood clad windows. Many homeowners love the look, feel and smell of wood and simply have to have it for their homes. Wood clad windows are the most expensive and beautiful option out there (they definitely receive mixed window reviews). When you purchase expensive windows, you often also get the top of the line installation. This means a very reputable company that throws in all of the bells and whistles - bottom sill pans, low expanding foam, exterior wrapping and any all necessary trim or capping necessary to make the whole project stand out and look top notch.

Click for high end replacement models.

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