Cost Of Different Window Frames And Materials


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Cost Of Different Window Frames And Materials

Discover the cost of different window frames and materials, from vinyl to fiberglass to wood clad. Selecting the best window frame material for your particular home is a key part of this process. It will have a big impact on the price you pay, the manufacturer you use and the options available such as color, finish, grid options etc. We do our best to provide you with the unbiased pros and cons of each material, but you may also want to check out our compare replacement windows article to see a simple comparison chart between each frame material.

Window Frame Prices


Description: Aluminum windows are less common in the replacement market than other materials. They tend to be more popular in the commercial market by companies like Schuco who focus on larger developments. Having said that, there are numerous aluminum window manufacturers and products available to homeowners.

Price: $300 to $950 installed

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Description: Composite windows are made from a mix of materials that will be unique to each company. For instance, Andersen windows has a composite fibrex frame made from reclaimed wood and a thermoplastic polymer. Many composite frames are very strong and can be engineered to look similar to wood in their finish.

Price: $250 to $700 installed

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Description: Fiberglass is a strong, flexible material that is typically sold under a manufacturer's proprietary name. A good example is Ultrex by Marvin, a fiberglass material that is available on both their Integrity and Infinity window lines.

Price: $300 to $900 installed

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Description: Vinyl window frames are the most popular replacement frame material due to their cost and performance numbers. High end vinyl extrusions outperform all other windows, although many proponents of other window materials claim that vinyl's performance numbers go down much quicker over time (the debate goes on). While not known for being the best looking material on the market, vinyl in a white or off white looks fine and can be an excellent investment.

Price: $200 to $750 installed

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Wood Clad

Description: Wood frames are both the most expensive, maintenance intensive and most beautiful of all the materials. Homeowners who don't absolutely love the look of wood or who intend to paint the frames should bother with wood windows. Given the cost and maintenance requirements, wood windows are best left to homeowners who just can't live without them - although we must mention once more how nice high quality wood windows look.

Price: $400 to $1200 or more installed

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