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Serious Windows Prices

Serious windows prices range from $450 to $2000 or more installed. The company was a Sunnyvale, California based manufacturer that made vinyl and high end fiberglass windows. The company experienced financial troubles during the 2009 - 2012 recession and was purchased (assets acquired) in September by Alpen High Performance Products out of Colorado. Prior to this, the company was Kensington windows, which went bankrupt somewhere around 2008 and was bought by Serious, which then rebranded the windows. In short, consumers should be wary of purchasing these products at this time due to the changes going on with the company. Read Serious window reviews.

» Target DH Price: $450 to $2000 installed

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300 Series (Vinyl)

This is their lower end affordable product that comes with a 10 year warranty. It has a U-factor of 0.29.

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500 Series

Currently, we have no information on the 500 Series product from Serious. We do have a general price range though. Additional pricing and window calculator information.

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Serious Quantum 2 (600 Series)

The Quantum 2 is the same window as the 600 Series and comes with a lifetime warranty. It has a heat mirror, which is basically a special film between the glass panes that offers energy efficiency comparable to a triple pane (but without the added weight of the third pane). It uses a pocket sill, which is not always well reviewed by contractors and installers. The window offers strong performance numbers, although the window tends to be very expensive.

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Serious 925

Comes standard with the R-11 glass pack and should get a whole window R-value near 6.7 and SHGC 0.17.

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Pricing From Past Customers

300 Series
7 DH Windows
Size: N/A
Price:$400 each
Included installation.
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Project bid from 2012.

300 Serious
19 Windows
Sizes: 12 Large DH, 3 Small DHs, 3 Transomes
Price: $530 each
This included the cost of installation.
Location: Indiana
Project bid from 2010.

Fiberglass 525 Series
Double Hung Windows
Dimensions: 28"W x 80"H (10)
Pricing: $850 each
This did not include installation costs.
Location: N/A
Project bid from 2011.

Quantum 2 (600 Series)
16 Double Hungs
Size: Standard to Large
Price: $800 each
Included installation.
Location: Northern Virginia
Project completed in 2011.

Quantum 2 600 Series
19 Windows
Sizes: 12 Large DH, 3 Small DHs, 3 Transomes
Price: $730 each
This included the cost of installation.
Location: Indiana
Project bid from 2010.

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