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Indow Window Prices

Explore Indow windows costs and pricing on their most popular products, including their standard, Acoutic, Shade, Privacy and Blackout insert window options. The company is pretty transparent in their product window pricing (very refreshing), which starts at $20 per square foot for the window itself and does not include the local company costs to measure, ship and install the window inserts.

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Indow Window Inserts

Indow Windows is located in Portland Oregon and the company has been manufacturing their patented window inserts since 2010. The inserts are somewhat similar to both storm windows and noise control window inserts. The Indow insert is placed on the inside of the window frame and fits snugly to the existing window thanks to the laser measuring that a local company will provide and the compression tubing that is used to make the frame. These inserts are a very interesting and versatile approach to inserts, which typically are just simple single pane glass and frame units.

Sample Indow Windows Cost

Indow window prices start at $20 to $25 per square foot for their standard window insert. Their more specialized inserts, like the Acoustic (noise reducing option) or the Blackout, will run $25 to $30 per square foot and their Commercial or Museum grade insert will run $30 to $35 per square foot. These prices are for the inserts themselves and do not include the installation and shipping costs that the local company that actually does the install will charge. Let's take a look at some price examples.

Small Window Opening

Size: 16" by 24"
Indow Price: $52
Install & Shipping: $75
Total Cost: $127

Medium Window Opening

Size: 24" by 36"
Indow Cost: $120
Install & Shipping: $100
Total Cost: $240

Large Window Opening

Size: 36" by 48"
Indow Cost: $240
Install & Shipping: $125
Total Cost: $365

Editor Indow Windows Reviews

The early reviews on Indow windows is very positive. Most customers have had a good experience with the company itself, whether that's to find a local company that installs in their area or fielding questions about the differences in their 7 inserts and which one is the right fit for them. The quality of the inserts and ingenuity of the design seems to be a step above the other well respected players in this field such as Larsen Storm Windows and Provia Windows.

One of the big issues with storm windows and inserts has always been how well they fit within your existing frame. This becomes much more problematic with older windows and frames that are not perfectly square or plumb. The Indow windows are measured using a laser and can be made to pinch in slightly at the top or the bottom, depending on the actual shape of the opening. We assume that has to do with the compression tubing they use that can form fit to the opening. Once installed, the insert is noticeable, but less so than with some of the other storms we've seen. All in all, these inserts are certainly worth a look; they will run more than the standard storm window, but they should provide much better aesthetics and fit. They also comes in a number of interesting options such as their Acoustic (noise reduction), Shade, Blackout, Privacy, Museum and Commercial inserts.

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