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Thermal Industries Window Reviews

Find out about these products with our Thermal industries windows reviews written by industry professionals and homeowners who have experience with these windows.

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Installer Opinion

I would place Thermal Industries windows is the middle to higher grade window category. They are good windows, but there are better options available which comes with more features you can choose from. I have their sunroom and I must say it's airtight and I have no complaints. I have worked with Thermal Industries windows for a while and I like their Park Avenue window line. They do offer a good support team and I really like not having to deal with warehousing and manufacturing problems.

William - a Window Installer, 2009

Middle of the Range Windows

I am surprised that Thermal Industries are being placed in the higher range market, in my opinion they are at the very lower end of maybe the middle of the range windows available. They have a very outdated design, their performance is average and I don't like their pocket sill. I would recommend Soft-Lite any day, they have the Imperial LS and Elements which are higher end lines. There is also HiMark and Sunrise, which are both quality products.

Geoff - an Installer, 2009

TI DEaler Take On The Product

I have been a Thermal Industries dealer for over twenty years and am very impressed. They offer a repair team for product problems, even small ones and their customer support is fantastic. They are energy star rated including their slider doors. I have installed many windows over the years and they are all reliable brands, but I find the factory repair team more reliable than any of the other brands I have worked with.

Wade - a Contractor, 2009

Thermal Industries vs. Okna

I am busy getting my home ready for sale or rent and am looking at the Okna and Thermal Industries windows. I obviously don't want to spend a fortune, but if I rent it out I don't want to end up replacing them any time soon. Are these good choices or should I be considering other brands?

Beth - a Homeowner, 2010

[Contractor Reply]

You won't go wrong with either choice. Thermal Industries makes a solid window and they're affordable while Okna cannot be faulted when it comes to engineering and design. Okna also offer a fantastic customer service, but they can come with a higher price tag.

Dave - a Contractor, 2010

[Second Contractor Reply]

It's important you realize that Thermal Industries is a middle to lower grade window and I can't get excited about their Excalibur range. Okna is a really good window with a great reputation. It may be worth your while to get some quotes from HiMark, Sunrise and Soft-Lite, these are well priced and offer great performance windows.

Robert - a Contractor, 2010

Quality of Thermal Industries Windows

I am a little nervous to accept a recent estimate I received on Thermal Industries windows because I cannot find any reviews or information on their products. Does anyone know these windows that can offer some advice before I make my decision?

2Sue - a Homeowner, 2011

[Contractor Reply]

Thermal Industries does offer some good lines. I would highly recommend their Park Avenue line.

Dominic - a Contractor, 2011

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