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Haddon Windows

Haddon Windows was a replacement window manufacturer out of Pennsylvania that closed its business sometime during 2010 or 2011. Their website still says coming soon, but it seems likely that the company will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

According to Window And Door magazine, Haddon Windows LLC changed its name from Accu-Weld Windows back in 2010. The business claimed that it was part of a rebranding campaign, but the more likely reason was an attempt to rid itself of any legal issues or responsibilities. This includes warranty obligations for any consumers who purchased Accu-Weld windows in the past. There is very little information available in regards to what happened to the company.

In all likelihood, they simply stopped doing business under the name Haddon Windows. The toll free phone number listed is a wrong number and the website says it is currently under construction.

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Accu-Weld Window Prices

Acu Weld 6500 Series Invisions
7 Horizontal Sliders
Dimensions: 60"W x 60"H
Price: $420 each
Included installation from Chapman Siding
Location: Missouri
Project completed in 2007.

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